Move Over #Tabeau, There's a New Fancy Tabo in Town

And it looks suspiciously like ...headphones?

Tabo Max
PHOTO BY Orocan Tabo Max ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( Why buy fancy new headphones when you can get a fancy tabo instead? Orocan has just dropped the brand spankin' new Tabo Max, which is basically your ordinary tabo—but better ("How?" you ask, well we're not too sure either, but it sure looks fancy). Starting at P69.50—yup, you heard that right, butal included—you could be the proud new owner of a Tabo Max! 

Orocan has announced the Tabo Max. Featuring a high-sheen plastic finish, adaptive handle, active water retention, and...

Posted by Orocan on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Look familiar? This cool new dipper came days after Apple dropped their noise-cancelling Airpods. Not that we're saying anything. Nope. Just stating things! Anyways, the dipper features "a high-sheen plastic finish, adaptive handle, active water retention, and maximum buoyancy factor," according to the caption. We're not sure what maximum buoyancy refers to exactly, but our best guess is that this means you never have to like, reach into the timba to retrieve the tabo when it makes lubog-lubog ever again, you know?


Best part? It comes in six colors in case you're sick of seeing white all the time. There's also red, blue, green, light blue, and light green. As Orocan said "Max masarap sa pwet ang Tabo Max," (pun not ours, thankfully). 

The brand is known for their self-aware marketing strategy courtesy of GIGIL agency, the same wack brain cells behind that RC Cola ad. So this new product, which yes, is legitimately available and more affordable than the OG fancy #Tabeau (for which there are dupes, BTW), isn't exactly out of character—but no less hilarious. We round up some of the funniest comments we saw on the Orocan Tabo Max Facebook post below!

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Tabo Max

Asking the important questions.

Tabo Max

Sure looks sus.

Tabo Max

Listen to Lee Min Ho!

Tabo Max


Tabo Max

So much savings!

Tabo Max

Just laying it out there.

The Orocan Tabo Max is priced starting at P69.50. See a list of Orocan stores.

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