10 Cool Wireless Keyboards to Tap for Your #Aesthetic Home Office

Thinking about getting a keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity?

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(SPOT.ph) We know you've worked hard to achieve an IG-worthy workspace, but you're probably realizing now that keeping it spick and span is even harder than making everything look #aesthetic! One way you can maintain a pristine space is by getting rid of eyesores as much as possible—and by that, we mean minimizing all the cords and wires that are visible on your desk. If you're using a computer, your wired keyboard can look pretty tacky on your keyboard, so maybe it's time to consider getting yourself a brand-new wireless keyboard—it's one of those things you never thought you needed.

Wireless keyboads don't only save space and help you keep your desk looking picture-perfect, they're also portable and flexible, letting you work from anywhere and in any position. Not to mention, if you're using one of those laptop risers, getting a separate keyboard will save your wrists since you won't be typing at an awkward, uncomfortable angle. Plus, if your have a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, getting a wireless keyboard makes working on your mobile a tad bit easier.


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Check out these 10 wireless keyboards that'll help you work better:

Wireless Keyboard Jellybean A200 (P588) from Alcatroz

Wireless Keyboard Jellybean A200 from Alcatroz
PHOTO BY Alcatroz
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This all-white wireless keyboard from Alcatroz has soft, rounded keys for a chic look. It features a number pad, perfect if you work with numbers a lot! This keyboard is also designed to be silent, so you won't be disturbing your coworkers even if you're typing like a madman to meet your deadlines.

Available online.

K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard (P1,950) from Logitech

K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech
PHOTO BY logitech

You've probably seen this pretty pink keyboard everywhere on your feed. If you can't get enough of pastel pink, then this bluetooth keyboard from Logitech is right up your alley—heck, we can bet it's already in your cart! Take this as your sign to hit that "check out" button. It comes in a monochromatic pink color with round keys and has a wireless range of up to 10 meters—this means you can work without getting up from your bed even if your computer is all the way on your desk! Now isn't that the life you always wanted? LOL.

Available online.

K4 Mechanical Keyboard (P5,490) from Keychron

K4 Mechanical Keyboard from Keychron
PHOTO BY keychron

Want to get into mechanical keyboards? Keychron's K4 Mechanical Keyboard is worth checking out if you're looking for a tactile typing experience. It has a compact design that's completely functional, with 100 keys including a number pad—and everything's customizable! You can replace the switches, so whether you want your typing to be louder with a bit more click or softer that feels like you're typing on clouds, you can do that with this versatile keyboard. Plus, it has a powerful battery life of up to 72 hours!


Available online.

Magic Keyboard (P5,490) from Apple

Magic Keyboard from Apple
PHOTO BY apple

Apple fanatics, the Magic Keyboard is what you need to complete your all-Mac work setup. It pairs automatically with your computer so you can get to work in a jiffy! Best part? It can last for up to a month or more on a full charge, which means you'll barely have to charge it—that's one less thing to worry about every day!

Available online.

K3 Silent Wireless Keyboard (P1.099) from FD

K3 Silent Wireless Keyboard from FD

These keyboards from FD will add a dash of color to your workspace, thanks to its solid color purple or teal color with pristine white keys. It comes in a slim design that can fit easily into your bag so you can whip it out any time you need to work. Typing is silent, so you won't disturb anyone nearby. Its wireless technology can reach up to 20 meters of distance, which means you can be very mobile with this Bluetooth keyboard. 

Available online.

X1800S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo (P735) from Rapoo

X1800S Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo from Rapoo
PHOTO BY rapoo

Get the most bang for your buck with Rapoo's Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It has a simple, no-nonsense design and a compace keyboard layout that houses all the keys you'll need to accomplish your tasks at work. It comes with a matching Bluetooth mouse, so you can be completely cord-free!

Available online.

Anne Pro 2 (P3,356) from Anne Pro

Anne Pro 2 from Anne Pro

Love the look of chunky keys but want to keep things looking minimalist? The Anne Pro 2 might just be the perfect keyboard for you. It features an all-white design with a slim casing and chunky keys that'll give you a sense of satisfaction once you start using the keyboard to type. The keyboard also comes with a couple of colored keycaps which you can use to replace some of the white keys just in case you feel like adding a splash of color to your keyboard.

Available online.

10 inch Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set (P536) from OEM

10 inch Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set from OEM

This wireless keyboard from OEM features keys that come in a gorgeous Tiffany Blue color, perfect if you're obsessed with that shade of blue. This 10-inch keyboard is designed to use with your tablet so you can work at ease even without lugging around a heavy laptop. Plus, it even comes with a matching blue mouse!


Available online.

8-Inch Universal Bluetooth Keyboard (P309) from

8-Inch Universal Bluetooth Keyboard from yiyue_sunny.ph

If you're looking for an ultra-pocketable wireless keyboard, we spotted the perfect device you can buy on yiyue_sunny.ph. It's only 7.9 inches long and 4.9 inches wide—imagine half of a short bond paper—allowing you to carry it around wherever you go without weighing you down. It's designed so you can work comfortable on your smartphone when something urgent comes up at work—just whip out this little keyboard and get to typing! It has a battery life of up to 44 hours, which is pretty impressive for its tiny size.

Available online.

308i Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard 84 Classic Round Keys (P2,907) from Ajazz

308i Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard 84 Classic Round Keys from Ajazz

This wireless keyboard from Ajazz is perfect if you're into all things retro. It features keys that look more like circular buttons, making typing much more fun! The keys come in a mix of gray, white, and a few accent buttons in bright orange, making this bluetooth keyboard anything but boring. Plus, it has a battery life that can last for up to a week!

Available online.

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