The Best Item Trackers You Can Shop in Manila Right Now

So you can finally stop losing your things.

item trackers
PHOTO BY Samsung, Apple, Chipolo ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( Here's a scenario: You're just about ready to leave the house and you're double-checking if you have everything you need in your bag. Phone, laptop, and power bank? Check. Wallet, coin purse, and card case? Got it. But wait, where the heck are your keys? Now begins a minutes-long (if you're lucky) search for an item that you use pretty much every day and somehow still manage to lose. Sound familiar? Don't worry, we're not here to call you out, but rather, suggest a handy solution: Item trackers! These nifty handheld devices are designed to help you find your missing belongings using your smartphone.

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These are the best item trackers you can shop in Manila right now:

Apple AirTag (P1,690 each; P5,790/pack of four)

item trackers

In April, Apple unveiled—along with their colorful M1-chip iMacs, purple iPhone 12, and most advanced iPad Pro yet—their all-new AirTag. The accessory provides Apple users a way to locate any item it’s attached to (whether house keys, a handbag, a wallet, or what have you) using the Find My App. For Mac users who love to take advantage of the seamless connection between all devices in the Apple ecosystem, the brand-new AirTag will be a handy addition to the lineup.

Available online; see a list of Apple stores and retailers.

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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (P1,799)

item trackers
PHOTO BY Samsung

In late 2020, Samsung launched SmartThings Find, a new app that helps you locate other Galaxy devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. To expand the searching service to more than just other Samsung gadgets, the brand introduced the SmartTag. The itty-bitty device can be attached like a keychain to any small or easy-to-misplace items like your keys or bags—you can even clip it onto your pet's collar.  From there, you can use your smartphone to enable the tag to produce a loud ringing sound, so you can more easily search for it. In case you still can’t find it, you can also track the SmartTag through the GPS technology on your SmartThings Find app.

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Available online; see a list of Samsung stores and retailers.

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Chipolo Card (P1,990 each; 3,490/pack of two)

item trackers
PHOTO BY Chipolo

Founded in 2013, tech brand Chipolo is dedicated to helping you find lost things. Their Card is perfect for locating your wallet, passport, and other items you travel with or move around a lot—the slim design lets you slide it right into any kind of casing. When your belongings go missing, you can use the Chipolo app to make the Card ring and help you find them. You can also track your Card through GPS. Plus, in case you leave the item at home, the Chipolo app can alert you, so you don’t have to worry if you lost something important along the way.

Available on Digital Walker's website.

Chipolo One (P1,490 each; P4,990/pack of four)

item trackers
PHOTO BY Chipolo

Chipolo also makes a keychain-like tag called the One. The teeny-tiny device works just like the Card, but can be more easily attached to bags, keys, and other items.

Available on Digital Walker's website.

Tile Pro Tracking Device (P5,990/pack of four)

item trackers

Keep track of your belongings with the ultra-handy Pro Tracker from Tile. It has a 400-foot Bluetooth range, so you’ll have no problem locating your stuff using their app—just enable the loud ring alert and listen closely until you find whatever you're missing. You can attach the tracker to your house keys, small purses, pets' collars, and more.

Available online.

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