9 Things Every Bachelor Pad Needs

Set up your space wisely.

(SPOT.ph) Moving into your own place is an exciting endeavor and also a costly one. The prices of furniture and appliances can add up quickly, so sometimes, you need to focus on getting just the essentials. Here are 10 must-haves for every bachelor’s pad:




Induction cooker

There’s nothing better than having a home-cooked meal in your own place, and an induction cooker is the most efficient way to make one. This American Home single burner induction cooker not only heats up faster than conventional stoves, but also costs you only P3.98 to use every 15 minutes. 



Rice cooker

You can try going on a no-carb diet, but the truth is, Pinoys will always go back to rice. Make sure you’re ready with this Philips rice cooker, which consumes only P3.55 worth of electricity per use.


A good sofa bed

When you’re just starting out, nothing’s more important than a convertible couch. Any guests dropping by will get a comfy seat, and you get a place to crash after a long night out.




A fridge isn’t just for food; cold drinks are priceless in this country, especially when summer hits. This 2.8 cubic-foot, two-door conventional Hanabishi refrigerator should only add P5.45 per day to your monthly electric bill.



Air conditioner

An air-conditioner is more than just a luxury in our tropical country—it’s a necessity. When picking out an aircon, go for energy-efficient inverter models like this 1-horsepower inverter-type Mabe air conditioner, which gives you a comfy night’s sleep at just P2.61 per hour.


Wall decor

Empty walls make a home feel like a box. Add some character to your pad by putting up a few classy pieces of wall decor. Even your bike will look good hung up on the wall. 




You new place might have enough lighting, but fewer things set the mood better than a good lamp or two. Use LED bulbs to keep electrical costs down.



Watching movies on your laptop is going to get tiresome after a while. Treat yourself to a better cinematic experience with this 40-inch Sony LED TV, which runs at a cost-efficient 34 centavos per hour.



You won’t have time to cook every single day. Thankfully, reheating food in the 23-liter Mabe microwave oven costs just 92 centavos per use, saving you money as well as time.


When you’re buying things for your new bachelor pad, it’s a good idea to invest in energy-efficient appliances that save you money on your electricity bills. While you could study wattages and all that stuff, Meralco makes it easier for you with the Meralco Orange Tags, which are stickers that tell you immediately how certain appliances will affect your bills. Look for the sticker when you’re shopping for your pad, and plan wisely!



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