7 Easy Business Ideas People Under 30 Can Actually Afford

Some of today's most profitable ventures don't require a huge capital.

(SPOT.ph) In her Entrepreneur.com article, Growth Marketing Expert Martha Hunt pointed out that today's young professionals are on the lookout for low-cost business ventures that will help them gain more financial flexibility. This holds especially true for Pinoys, especially now that we're discovering that some of the most profitable businesses don't necessarily require a sizeable capital.

Are you on the hunt for easy business ideas yourself? You can start by looking into the following:

App Creation

Companies—your potential clients—are turning to apps to get in touch with customers (and vice versa). It's amazing how serviceable they have become—what used to be known primarily for gaming and entertainment is now being used to process orders and payments, book flights and hotels, and check prices, among other things. The question is, what kind of service-based app are you going to come up with?

Travel Agency

Start with creating and offering budget-friendly local group travel packages, but find a niche that hasn’t been tapped, yet. Initially, you can operate a travel agency part-time, and at home. Begin by offering your services to people within your immediate circle, such as friends, officemates, former colleagues, or even people you run into during high school or college reunions who might be inclined to go on group tours. Once your profits increase and the business grows, evaluate whether you'll be needing extra manpower and perhaps, renting office space.

City Guide

Here is another business venture that's home-based and can be operated part-time. Getting into the tour guide business will require you to do two things: memorize the city like the back of your hand and develop a knack for entertaining people. You can offer full-day and half-day walking or cycling tours, and once your business picks up, expand your company by partnering with companies and establishments (events, tourist attractions, etc.). 


If you're fully fluent in a foreign language that's in-demand but is hard to find translators for (Mandarin and Arabic, just to name a few), translation and interpretation can be a great business opportunity. Translation jobs vary greatly—the bigger the client, the bigger the payout. It helps to build a network with subcontractors who are fluent in languages you are not—you can give each other referrals and expand your clientele together.


Thanks to our experience using Grab and Uber, everyone knows how ridesharing works. In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing jobs in Europe, Asia, and North America. Ridesharing involves opening your car for booking and driving customers from point A to point B, which means you will need to invest in a decent car and smartphone. By the way: a professional driver's license, several years of driving experience, and a clean driving record are non-negotiables.  

Healthy Food Delivery

People are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat and are opting for healthy food to include in their daily diet. However, fast-paced lifestyles do not leave much room for meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking—and this is where healthy food delivery services come in. If you’re a chef, a nutritionist, or a business-minded fella who’s also gifted in the kitchen, you can create and customize weekly menus for health-conscious patrons and easily promote your business online.

Recording and/or Band Rehearsal Studio

This option is most suitable for people with music and audio engineering backgrounds, and ideal for those with a genuine and sincere appreciation for music. The independent music scene is growing, and so is the market for rehearsal and recording studios. Such a business caters to a very specific niche, so having a wide network that includes either aspiring or established musicians would be a good starting point for tapping prospective clients. Make sure you’re in an accessible location and most importantly, that you have good and reliable equipment.

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