Fans of 'The Little Prince' Will Love LeSportsac's New Collection

Childhood dreams do come true.


French aristocrat, poet, aviator, and acclaimed author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry captured the imagination of both children and adults with the story of and illustrations from his most recognized work, Le Petit Prince or The Little Prince.


First published in 1943, Le Petit Prince is about a golden-haired young prince who meets and forges a friendship with a pilot, as well as other unique and interesting characters.


Le Petit Prince Book Pouch (P2,650)



It appears as a children's book, but the title character's philosophical observations more often than not sound mature and surprisingly deep for someone of his perceived age. The prince’s uncanny wisdom is punctuated with revelations and realizations throughout his journey, as he travels on Earth and to other planets, picking up life lessons along the way. 




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Among the the creatures he encounters is a fox, which utters some of the most memorable lines from the book.


"One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eye," said the fox to the charming prince.


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The Little Prince has been translated to approximately 300 languages and dialects, and has entertained readers across continents and from different generations over the past decades. In celebration of the The Little Prince’s 75th anniversary, LeSportsac has come up with the Le Petit Prince Collection.


Le Petit Prince Cosmetic Pouch (P1950)



LeSportsac's Le Petit Prince Collection boasts of high quality yet whimsically designed bags in different sizes and styles. The unforgettable image of The Little Prince adorns cosmetic bags, book pouches, crossbody bags, bottle bags, lunch bags, totes, hobo bags, and backpacks. These everyday essentials can easily transition to long-haul travel staples.


See these bags up close and pick the one that your heart desires.


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