Going Cashless Is the Best Thing To Happen To Paying Your Bills

Among other things.


(SPOT.ph) December can be a black hole for your money. Despite the year-end bonus, there are parties to attend, gifts to give, and, of course, bills to pay—a constant thorn in our adult sides. And its a hundred times worse when you have to battle through a crowd to get to a mall payment center. 


But there's a smarter way to pay for your bills: you can always go cashless, which means that you can make payments without having the need to line up. In fact, you don't even have to leave your bed!



One popular service, GCash, allows you pay utility bills, credit card payments, and even insurance with ease. It's safe, convenient, and free of extra charges. And Christmas shopping? Use GCash to make online purchases and shop from home in your pajamas. You can also book and pay for movie tickets through the GCash app, buy load for your mobile phone (regardless of the network), and send and receive money.Sounds good, right?


You can even use GCash with your PayPal account, at almost real-time transfers. Quickly and safely manage your PayPal funds received from anywhere in the world, and enjoy zero withdrawal charges when you transfer your available balance from PayPal to GCash. 


Cashless transactions also allow you to get a better picture of your spending habits and track your expenses with ease. Start living the cashless life this holiday season, and skip all the lines and hassles while still adulting like a boss.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with GCash.
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