Grab Is Sending People to the Largest Star Wars Memorabilia Museum in the World

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( Listen up: Grab is flying a lucky rider, plus a friend, to California, U.S.A., to fulfill every Star Wars fan’s ultimate dream: a visit to Rancho Obi-Wan, the largest privately owned Star Wars memorabilia museum in the world! 


All it takes is using a Grab code when you book a ride. Using the Grab app, users should pick a side (Resistance or First Order) and book rides using the promo code THELASTJEDI from November 27 to December 10 (click this link for the contest mechanics).


The top five riders from each side will battle it out in the Final Battle event. The winner of the Final Ballet gets to go to Rancho Obi-wan, and will receive an interactive and personally guided tour of the museum, arranged by C.E.O. and owner Steve Sansweet.


The grand prize includes the museum tour, an all-expense paid roundtrip flight to San Franciso with 4-day/5-night hotel accommodations, a limousine ride to the museum, pocket money, a Star Wars-themed VIP tour of San Francisco, and tickets to the world’s largest planetarium. 


Grab is also calling on riders to “Master Your Force” by running weekly challenges and in-app quizzes with Star Wars merchandise as prizes.


You can also use your GrabRewards points to redeem exclusive Star Wars premiums such as notebooks, passport holders, tumblers, Star Wars Lego sets, and premiere tickets to a private screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Check out this link for a quick rundown of the mechanics. 


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