Here's How You Can Experience Hotel-Quality Sleep at Home

Sleep soundly with a mattress that's cut out for your budget and your body. Meet the Emma Original: a hotel mattress dupe that can help you experience five-star quality sleep right at home. Cloud-like comfort, cozy support, and the best sleep you've ever had—all in an affordable package.

We don't know about you, but there's nothing like sinking into a snug hotel bed on vacations. When the bed's as soft as that, you wake up like a whole new person. In fact, we wouldn't even blame you for spending the whole day sleeping in it instead. This is exactly what we love about hotel mattresses on long trips. But what about long days at home?

The Emma Original, a 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress that adapts to you

You can bring the five-star hotel bed feeling to your own bedroom with the help of the Emma Original. It features the seven-zone foam technology that helps make you feel like you're waking up from a vacation every day. It can help contour to fit any body type and sleeping position. The seven zones allow the mattress to sink in various areas to match where your body needs it.

And if you can't sleep because your partner keeps on tossing and turning, this is the mattress for you, too. Its motion isolation foam makes sure that everyone wakes up on the right side of the bed every morning.

The Emma Original with the Emma Flip Topper and the Emma Foam Pillow

The mattress works even better with the Emma Foam Pillow which comes in three layers, letting you customize its height and softness. Finding the sweet spot for maximum comfort at night becomes way easier when you can fit your pillow to your own needs.

Feel like your mattress needs another upgrade? The Emma Flip Topper provides additional comfort that's hard to resist. It has a soft, breathable side that allows you to sink into the mattress for a much deeper sleep and a firm side that's suitable for those who need to relieve pressure on their bodies. It seems like Emma has got everything about sleep covered. Each night with their products feels like they were made just for you—and that's because it is! All the Emma products are created with extensive sleep research and world-class German engineering that has your best sleep in mind.

If you're waiting for the perfect time to try Emma Sleep, good news: The entire experience is online with discounts running regularly, so you're always up for a good deal. And on top of that, all Emma products come with a 100-day Money Back Guarantee. Try sleeping with Emma products for a hundred days—if you're not satisfied, Emma picks it up and gives a full refund! Not bad at all, eh?

Learn more about Emma Sleep on their website. For more information, log on to Emma Sleep's Facebook page and Instagram.

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