Here's Why This Skincare Product Should Be Part of Your Next Skincare Haul

And this beauty find is just around the corner!

Fast city life is all about stressful hours, inadequate diets and late nights. All these cause you and your skin to go through a lot. Unless you forget, the skin is the body's largest organ.

In the same way that we take care of our bodies and maintain our health by eating well and engaging in a fitness routine, we also need to take care of our skin by keeping a daily regimen that protects it from UV exposure, pollution, and other damaging agents. Once this skincare routine is in place, caring for your skin is fairly simple. But sometimes your skin needs an extra boost. Enter the face mask.

Face masks have long been a staple of Asian skincare regimens and are becoming an increasingly popular part of the Filipino’s beauty arsenal. Designed for use after completing the usual three-step cleansing process (wash, tone, moisturize), face masks conveniently and instantly reset, recharge and perk up your complexion while you kick back for a few minutes of bliss.

The sheet mask is the most popular face mask type. Usually cut into the shape of a face, this thin sheet is enriched with nourishing ingredients and botanicals. Similar to cleansers and moisturizers, face masks come in plenty of variants that target different skin concerns. There are masks that help refine pores, lighten the appearance of dark spots, boost hydration, draw out impurities or make fine lines less noticeable.

You can get a facial mask at a spa or you can make it really easy on yourself and swing by your neighborhood 7-Eleven and pick up a pack or two of My Beauty Diary face sheet masks.

Deemed the number one face mask brand in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, My Beauty Diary offers a wide selection of sheet masks for every skin concern, making it the perfect product for the skincare rookie or the beauty devotee. The serums on My Beauty Diary masks are formulated to be instantly absorbed by the skin and gives noticeable results even only after one use.

It’s easy to apply too: you just need to break the sheet mask out of its pack, apply it directly to your face, and let it stay on for about 15 minutes (longer if you want more intense pampering). After peeling the mask off your face, use the sheet to rub the excess serum on your neck, elbows, arms, and legs. No need to wash off.

There are two My Beauty Diary variants conveniently available at 7-Eleven stores: Black Pearl and Arbutin Brightening.

Specially designed for oriental skin, My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask is a cult favorite among mask aficionados. This essence-enriched sheet provides optimal whitening, brightening, and hydration to stressed and fatigued skin with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and ingredients from the sea. The star ingredients of the Black Pearl mask are Tahitian black pearl extracts that rapidly restore luster and rejuvenate the complexion and deep sea red algae that provide immediate relief to dry skin.

The Arbutin Brightening Mask, on the other hand, contains a highly effective whitening formula that brings life and vibrancy to a dull and lackluster complexion and gives your face an even, pearlescent glow. Arbutin is a popular whitening ingredient that resists melanin production and breaks it down beneath the skin.

Taking your skin to a happy place has never been more convenient now that My Beauty Diary is available at 7-Eleven! My Beauty Diary Black Pearl and Arbutin Brightening face masks both retail for P89 each in 7-Eleven stores in Luzon.

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