How Much Is Too Much Hair Product?

Learn the proper amount to use here.



( When it comes to styling your hair, you probably use more (or less) product than you actually need. Too much, and you might end up with an oily face. On the other hand, use too little and you won't be able to style your hair the way you want to. Many of us are guilty of winging it when using hair products, hoping for the best. But there’s a proper way to go about it:

Start with the dime baseline.
Start off with a dime-sized amount of product. Rub the product between your palms to guarantee an even coat—this prevents clumps of hair from forming, which happens when some strands have more product than others. Run your hands from the base of your hair, then style accordingly. Give the product a few minutes to set in, and then adjust the amount from there.



Adjust for length, thickness, and texture.
The longer your hair, the more product you’ll need. The same follows for thicker hair, if you’re trying to tame it. Add about half a dime’s worth to the areas that need it most, and rub the product between your palms for an even coat. If your hair is looking sticky or greasy, reduce the amount by a half-dime. 



Adjust for dampness.
Some styles or hair types will require you to put on product while your hair is damp. This will dilute the product a little, so you may need to add a smidge to get your desired hold. Before adding more product, make sure to dry your hair first. Damp hair can look clumpy at first—especially when there’s product on it—but can end up natural-looking after it dries out.  



Adjust the product.
Sometimes, it’s not a matter of how much product you should be using, but which product to use in the first place. A dime-sized amount of molding clay like Bench Fix Clay Doh 360 will give you high hold with medium shine, while a pomade like Bench Fix Deputy Shine gives you medium hold and high shine with the same amount of product used. It depends on what look you’re going for. Just remember that practice makes perfect: if it's your first time using hair products, experiement with amounts and types to get the perfect mix for you. 



Aside from Clay Doh 360 and Deputy Shine, there’s also Rock Steady, a sculpting bond that gives five times the hold and shine of other products, and Shape Shifter, a shaping fiber creme that provides a firm hold and natural shine to give you a rich, textured look. There's also Messy Set Go! hairspray, Agent Bond styling gum, Rock Steady sculpting bond, Grunged Up matte molding clay, Soo Polished shine wax, and more Bench Fix styling products that cater to every aesthetic. Try them out and discover which product works best for you.


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