How to pull off the perfect #OOTD, according to Richard Juan

Champagne-style on a beer budget.

( One of the hottest names right now that deserve that red hot follow button on Instagram is none other than model and TV host Richard Juan. Now that the Hong Kong-Chinese personality has found a home in Manila, he’s set to become our new fashion inspiration.

It's easy to see why girls are swooning over Richard, and you boys should be looking to him for tips. Here are five reasons why we should follow his lead:

1. He wears different hats and wears it well.
Nothing says laidback more than a good cap worn backwards. Couple that with a casual pair of jeans and a comfy shirt, and you’re good to go chillin’ out with your friends. Don’t worry about the cap hair, too--you’re going for cute and rugged, not uptight and polished, anyway.

2. He doesn’t fear prints.
A good sign that a guy is confident of his style? He isn’t afraid to wear prints. Still, there’s a line that must be maintained, and keeping a plain pair of pants and crisp, white sneaks keeps the look balanced. You want to stand out for being unique, after all.

3. He’s ready to roll up his sleeves.
You want to maintain your presentable image, but you also don’t want to restrict your movement. V-neck cotton long sleeves can help you achieve that, complemented by nice fitted jeans and your chosen sneaks for the day.

4. He builds a well-balanced wardrobe with the basics.
Richard effortlessly nails his #OOTD’s with the basics--these are still essential items in the wardrobe portfolio. We're talking about simple, sleek, and straight forward pieces that you shouldn’t leave home without.

5. He accessorizes with practicality.
If you’ve been following Richard’s Instagram page, you’ve probably noticed how he likes to keep his fashion accessible and simple. In fact, apart from his backward cap, the only other accessory he carries with him all the time is the new ASUS ZenPad S 8.0.

Richard testifies that the ZenPad S 8.0 is a powerful, functional fashion accessory and is the perfect companion in his busy lifestyle that you too can own.

Its design carries modern influences and a simple, clean look that gives it a universal and stylish appeal. These elements are inspired by ASUS's Zen design philosophy of balancing beauty and strength.

It’s an 8-inch tablet with a diamond hairline design and leather like finish that is only 6.6 mm thin, weighs just 289g and has a 74% screen-to-body ratio. It also offers a rich HDTV tablet experience with its 2K IPS Display, high-resoultion photos (8MP PixelMaster Camera), and comes bundled with a free ZenClutch, among other things.

The best part? The ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 is powered by the Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor* (quad-core, 64-bit) and is the world's first 4GB RAM tablet, which means faster web surfing, smoother video playback, greater gaming experiences, and multi-tasking capabilities that don’t leave you hanging.

The ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 is available at all ASUS Authorized Resellers for P16,995. Visit the ASUS Philippines website and follow them on Facebook to know more.

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