INSTALIKE: 10 Smart Tips to Up Your Instagram Game

And the likes just keep on coming!

Instagram allows anyone with a smartphone to chronicle their most memorable moments, follow their favorite celebrities, and express themselves, all through pictures.

The thing, however, is that most netizens still don't know how to harness their camera phone's true power. If you want your IG feed to garner the attention it deserves, you have to make every post count. Here are 10 tips on how to up your Instagram game:

1. When taking a selfie, try not to use the front-facing camera. It's more convenient, sure, but the rear-facing camera takes pictures at a higher resolution.

2. If the lighting can't be fixed, convert the picture to black and white.

3. Refrain from posting similar pictures separately and make a collage instead. Apps such as Diptic makes it easy for users to create photo collages.

4. Before you tap the snap button, make sure the image is really sharp. You can tap the screen in different spots to focus the image and adjust the lighting.

5. Adjust the brightness of your photo before applying any filters. This way, you can improve its quality without drastically changing it.

6. To help compose your shots, use your phone's grid feature. On your iPhone, go to Settings, select Photos & Camera, and slide the Grid feature on.

7. If you have a high-end camera phone, take advantage of its burst feature. It allows you to snap multiple photos per second, which is great for action shots.

8. Learn when to use the camera's flash. While your phone's flash isn't very powerful, it can be used for low-lighting situations.

9. The best food photos on Instagram are the ones taken from bird's eye view. You can fit more plates in the shot.

10. Treat your Instagram page like a curated version of your life. Adding unique hashtags to your posts instantly collates your photos into a visual journal. Try inserting your nickname or IG handle onto the end of a hashtag like #EverydayWith___ to share your escapades with your followers. You will instantly gain more likes!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Smart.