#OFFLINEHUGOT: 7 Salty Posts From People Who Don't Have WiFi

The struggle is real.


(SPOT.ph) A home without WiFi is a modern-day tragedy. You're not connected with your friends, you miss out on a ton of fun stuff, and you actually have to cook your own meals instead of just ordering food online!


Kidding aside, WiFi does make life a lot more convenient. Without it, things just aren’t as exciting. But don’t just take our word for it—check out these witty posts from people facing the struggles of #NoWiFi:


To be fair, it does help a little. 


We'll take being seen-zoned any day. 


Well, that escalated quickly. 


Don't let your partner see this.  



Maybe try carrier pigeons? 


Hey, at least you can write poetry! 


Sharp wordplay. Get it? 


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