The Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Frequent Flyer

Now is the time to turn your life around.

( If you’re the jetsetting type, you should definitely sign up for a frequent flyer program. Actually, even if your lifestyle doesn’t require you to travel often, joining a frequent flyer program is still pretty much worth it as you can still maximize your membership even if your feet are firmly planted on dry land the whole year long. Read on to see how!

1. Sign up for a frequent flier account.
First things first: Find a frequent flyer program that suits your lifestyle best and sign up for it. Most major airlines usually have their own programs, and we definitely recommend signing up with the airline you fly with.

2. Earn points every time you book tickets...
Each frequent flyer program has its own peso-to-point exchange rate. Some airlines give you one point for, say, every five pesos you spend on them. Others shell out points based on a fraction of the amount you spent for your airfare.

3. Or buy things.
Some frequent flyer programs partner with other rewards programs, which allows you to have other means of earning points. Credit card rewards are very common—ask your issuing bank if you can convert the points in your credit card to frequent flier points.

4. Redeem your points for free flights.
Here’s the fun part: Once you save enough points, you can exchange them for free flights to destinations of your choosing. The point is to travel so you can travel some more!

5. Have some money on hand while redeeming your flights.
Because some frequent flyer programs allow you to top up with cash if you find yourself short on points.

6. Use your membership to get discounts on accommodation.
Why stop at free flights? Some frequent flyer programs also offer great discounts on hotel accommodations, giving you the opportunity to have a luxe vacation for less.

7. Watch out for great promos.
A number of frequent flier programs have also partnered with business establishments, allowing you to dine at the finest restaurants, be pampered at the best salons, and score the coolest gadgets just by presenting your membership card. Some airlines even hold special airfare sales for their frequent flyers.

8. Make point-earning a group effort.
Planning a barkada getaway, a family vacation, or a romantic trip with your beau? Certain frequent flyer programs allow you to pool your points with others so you can earn and redeem them collectively. Adventures are, after all, much more memorable when shared with your loved ones.

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