The Gift Better Guide 2015

Sometimes, it's not just the thought that counts.

We'll just put this out there: people care about the gifts you give them. Sentiment still warms the heart like no other, but let's face it: after the tenth scented candle, the act of gift giving will start to feel a little bit impersonal. That said, we've come up with ten surefire gifts from The SM Store that you can purchase in place of your generic gift ideas.


Instead of: Her nth dinnerware set
Gift her with: A chic bag

Give mom something that's all about herself rather than gifting her with an item that's really for the whole family to use. Remind mom that she's the most beautiful, stylish woman you have ever laid eyes on with a classic bag she can flaunt to her amigas.


Instead of: Cartoon-themed clothes every other kid has
Gift her with: Little lady shoes

Your niece might look cute all decked out in Frozen-themed everything, but why not be the cool ninang and gift her with a chic pair of her first ballet shoes? You're the ninang who's eventually going to teach her to put on lipstick anyway, so might as well start her fashion streak early on.


Instead of: Gift certificates to a cafe
Gift her with: A trove of trendy accessories

For better or worse, no one knows your best friend's style better than you. Give her a hand the next time she's to attend a wedding or prep for a date with accessories that amp up her look. After all, next to her, you're the one to know which ones go well with the pieces in her closet.


Instead of: Socks again?!
Gift him with: The polo of his dreams

Sure, you save the extravagant gifts for anniversaries and birthdays, but Christmas doesn't mean you can slack off the gift-giving department when it comes to the love of your life. Why not make an effort and wrap up a handsome button-down shirt you know your boyfriend can wear from meeting your parents, to high school reunions, to job interviews, or to date night? The list goes on…


Instead of: Another engraved pen
Gift her with: A fresh new scent

Not just because you see her mostly in the office doesn't mean you always have to give your boss something office supply-related. Trust us, she can buy pens and post-its by herself. Instead, show her you like her more than just professionally by giving her an unforgettable scent by a signature label. It'll show her you have great taste, too.


Instead of: Nothing (You don't get kids these days!)
Gift her with: Clothes she can post on Instagram

Even when she annoys the hell out of you sometimes, never forget that you were once a teen like your little sis. Embrace being a hip adult and give your sister a pair of trendy jeans and shirts she'd be more than proud to post as an #OOTD.


Instead of: Boxes of fruitcake no one eats
Gift her with: Christmas stockings she'll fawn over

She's your favorite for a reason: since you've been young, your ninang has always showered you with love, advice, and gifts both financial and material. This time, why not make sure your generous ninang gets the same amount of gifts from all her loved ones with a special stocking she can hang by the tree? It's her time to feel the love.


Instead of: A rasta shirt you think she likes (but doesn't)
Gift her with: A roomy tote with Pinoy art

Instead of gifting her with cliché hipster presents that might slight her creative sentiments, give your friend a unique bag that celebrates local society and pop culture. Loving local is in nowadays, and, if she does't dig the design, the roomy bag space will be useful for her shopping errands anyway.


Instead of: Generic action figures
Gift him with: An educational toy

For sure, this baby has already been showered with clothes and toys of all kinds, so better step up your gifting game by giving him a plaything he can learn from too. Interactive toys are always a treat for kids, and if he grows up having stellar grades at school, you can secretly gloat about being the one to blame.


Instead of: A boring mug
Gift him with: A surprise present—in a festive gift box!

Just because you've outgrown each other and only see him during reunions doesn't mean you don't have to think about what to give your cousin. Our tip? Quickly visit his Instagram feed and see what he's interested in. Whatever you find, wrap it up in a cheery Christmas gift box instead of the usual paper bag. A for effort!

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