The Holiday Procrastinator's Survival Kit

8 must-haves for the last-minute shopper

 Time is running out and Christmas is just around the corner. You’ve barely started with your holiday shopping though, and you desperately need to make a trip to the mall. Are you ready to brave the hoards of last minute shoppers? We won't lie: it will be hard, it will be messy – even sweaty and smelly! (Ewww!) So make sure you equip yourself with everything you need to survive the mad house! Here’s what you’ll need:

Cellphone (and power bank)
When heading into battle (or in your case, last-minute Christmas shopping), always make sure you’ve got your communication devices so you’re always updated, organized, and in contact with others.

Snacks and water
All this crazy shopping is going to take its toll on you. Stay energized and hydrated by bringing along some food and drinks with you everywhere!

Cash, checkbook and/or plastic
There's nothing worse than realizing you don’t have enough cash on you after enduring a long line at the cash register! Keep things smooth-sailing by having different forms of payment ready.

Comfortable and weather-appropriate attire
Last minute holiday shopping is definitely not the time be all maporma. Instead, put on your comfiest clothes for the wild ride ahead of you.

Hand sanitizer
Let’s be real here, humans (especially last-minute shoppers) are not a particularly hygienic bunch and leave germs everywhere. Always keep hand sanitizer or alcohol with you—no one wants to be sick on Christmas, after all!

Extra bags
Avoid juggling wrapped boxes and paper bags by stashing all your purchases in just one big bag that’s easy to carry. It's eco-friendly, too!

Shopping list
Make things infinitely easier for yourself by preparing a shopping list before heading to the mall. This way, you won’t end up running around the place like a headless chicken!

You’re going to be rubbing more than just elbows with the sweaty masses doing their own last minute shopping. If you want to come out of the ordeal still smelling fresh, don’t forget to swipe on some deodorant before you step foot outside your house.

A regular trip to the mall already exposes you to the risk of odor-causing bacteria. What more during the busiest time of the year! Sweat and body odor is a real threat! GROSS!

Defend yourself against body odor by putting on deodorant every day! Try the new Rexona Antibacterial Defense, which is specially formulated to protect  you from odor-causing bacteria to give you 10x more protection than normal soaps and antiperspirants. It even has special Motionsense that responds directly to movement, releasing bursts of freshness as you navigate through the crowded malls during the last minute holiday rush!

Face the Holiday rush and all the mobs of sweaty last minute shoppers with confidence by protecting yourself to #FightBac.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Rexona.
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