These ladies will inspire you to feel good about yourself

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( Everyone has bad days  when every single thing seems off, from the way one  looks to the way one feels. Whether they’re caused by an insensitive remark from a co-worker or an unflattering photo on social media, it's hard to shake the bad vibes off, especially if you’ve never been particularly confident with the way you look.

“When I was young, I was insecure about how I looked,” says youth leader Arizza Nocum, “and to make up for it, I tried to be more charismatic and confident to overturn the physical lack that I felt. But it made me realize that beauty is not something given to you. It’s something you radiate.”

It’s a sentiment that TravelOnline Philippines General Manager Iko Nishimoto can relate to. “Some people really have never accepted the fact that I’m a lesbian,” she says. “[But] when you grow old, you learn to say ‘I’m happy’. And I’m happy; I’m content. Beauty generally comes in different shapes, sizes and forms. I think it’s how you look at things. And for me, I see everything with beauty.”

Get to know more about these women, who have realized their potential for beauty, and learned to celebrate their unique qualities. Beauty does come in all shapes, sizes and forms. And hopefully,  through this video, women change their stereotypical  perception of beauty to celebrate the many faces that represent beauty today .


#RealBeauty is universal.

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