These Makeup-Related One-Liners From Kris Aquino Are Priceless

Even when talking about makeup, the “Queen of All Media” slays.


( If there's one thing we can be sure of, it's that Kris Aquino has taken the internet. We can't help but want to know what she has to say about everything—from her new home to the contents of her makeup bag. Her videos are always refreshingly honest, which is why we take her views and advice to heart—and also why they all go viral!


Though she has assumed many roles throughout her career, her most recent one is as the latest endorser of Ever Bilena. Here are some super relatable one-liners from an interview with Tita Krissy herself:


When one shade isn’t enough.


The best things in life are free. Except for perfect brows.


Leave everything behind, just not your brows.


That feeling when a beauty brand just gets you.


Kris Aquino’s unofficial beauty mantra.


Kris Aquino has worked with leading makeup artists and has tried the best makeup products available, so you know her opinion is legit. If you’ve seen her beauty videos (and we’re sure you have!), you know how extensive her makeup collection is. Her new favorites include lipsticks, brow products, and powders from Ever Bilena. The best part? You can now have some of her staples in your own kit because each item costs less than P400. Brb, hoarding all the makeup products!


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