These Millennials Share How They Keep Themselves Inspired

You can try these activities, too.

( It’s hard to find free time when you’re too busy keeping up with everything at work. And while it’s never easy to be innovative or creative all the time,  it’s important to stay inspired and achieve work-life balance.

Millennial couple Rhea Bue and Jeff Ong know the value of their free time—especially since they both work in the fast-paced creative field. Rhea is a social media specialist and content creator while Jeff does full-time photography work. They are always on the lookout for new ways to spend quality time off—to keep themselves moving forward on the work days ahead.

Here are a few activities that the couple has tried around the Metro, all of which help them recharge and get motivated for their next big project. Check them out and experience them yourself.

Learn new skills together.

Artelano 11's old world charm, as well as its eclectic collection of mid-century and art deco inspired pieces, is enough to pull any curious creative soul in. But it's more than a home for tasteful artwork, which in itself, is inspiring. Artelano 11 is also a place for learning.

Rhea and Jeff took art classes together—and shared some kilig moments in between—at Artelano 11.

The art hub’s laid-back vibe is the perfect place to spend a few quiet hours getting creative and artsy. The pretty interiors, along with your finished works of art, also make for a great shot, so make sure you have a smartphone with a camera that will capture all vivid details clearly.

Do things outside of your comfort zone.

Rhea and Jeff are comfortable enough to try new activities and places together, supporting each other through every new endeavor. 

Climb Central’s challenging—but exciting—climbing walls will help clear your mind and practice strategizing skills. You’ll have each other for cheering and motivation or you can just laugh at one another’s photos taken with your camera’s live focus feature. It’ll capture your struggle to hang on for dear life as you climb to the top.

Discover new food spots together.

Take Rhea and Jeff, who went to Holy Smokes for dinner. They tried the beef brisket, mahi-mahi, elotes, and a bunch of other dishes that not only tasted great but also looked foodie photoshoot ready. Dining out someplace new can be a reward for a job well done—or even for just getting through a long day. 

To cap the day off, a warm cup of joe at Commune hits the spot. You can't miss it, smack on the corner of Polaris and Durban in Poblacion. Commune has a vast selection of homegrown coffee and Filipino comfort food. 

Naturally, the couple took photos from a day well-spent. It may have been tiring, but it was memorable too. Every moment was worth capturing. 

Rhea and Jeff used the new Samsung J8. It has a dual camera with a 16MP f/1.7 primary shooter and a 5MP f/1.9 depth sensor which produces images that are just as good as one taken using a professional camera. You don’t have to worry about lighting problems, either; the phone’s night camera feature makes sure photos are still as bright and clear as possible. The Live Focus feature ensures that every image is crisp and in focus, and that your shots appear perfectly timed.

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