This Smartwatch Can Help You Get Fit

… and look cool while you’re at it!

( Fact: Owning a fitness wearable won’t give you a straight, magical path to the best shape of your life. At the end of the day, your quest to a healthier lifestyle starts only when you actually put in the hard work. That’s not to say, however, that you shouldn’t have such a gadget to aid you in your pursuit of healthiness.

Getting fit the techie way has never been as fun or stylish as now, especially with the new Samsung Gear S2. It’s primarily a smartwatch (a very slick looking one, we might like to add), but it’s also loaded with lots of fitness goodies to keep you on track towards a new and healthier you.

Built-In Heart Rate Monitor
On the Gear S2’s caseback, you’ll notice a small, optical sensor that looks not-at-all out of place. This little thing allows you to track your heart rate live and on the spot, all with a single press on the Gear S2’s responsive touch screen. You get an accurate readout, while also seeing estimated heart rate ranges for different activities—all the better for knowing what level to keep your ticker at for an effective burn.

That’s enough activity for the day 

Step-Counting Boss
The step counting function of the Gear S2 will motivate you to get up and move, with positive motivating messages and reminders. Having a pedometer that you can actually read (and not have to rely on paired software for clearer information) makes the Gear S2 a cut above the rest. Set your step goal and challenge yourself on a daily basis as you get fitter. Bonus: It tracks calories burned, too.


Samsung’s wellness app, S-Health is already pre-loaded into the Gear S2 for your convenience. Like a virtual coach, S-Health can help you reach your fitness goals based on the personal information you provide and the activities you choose to take part in. It even has a long list of popular foods and their respective calories, so that you can stay on top of what you eat every day.

S-Health is WAAAAAY friendlier than Coach

Value Added Apps
The Gear S2 isn’t choosy about what Android devices it’s paired with, and is likewise able to accommodate many of your favorite wellness and fitness apps. For sportier types, though, it already comes pre-loaded with Nike+, which is a great app for getting you started on the exercise habit.

Running can get hypnotizing...

The Gear S2’s rotating bezel control, while not necessarily a feature of the device that is linked directly to getting fit, actually will help you get there. And it looks cool, too! With this feature, you're ensured that fitness gets better with every turn. By being able to navigate the watch’s different fitness apps using the handy rotating bezel control, you can stay focused and undistracted while you kick up your running pace or push for that last rep.

This guy: Unfocused

For a stylish smartwatch that doubles as your best fitness buddy check out the new Samsung Gear S2. Prices start at P13,490 for the standard model, and P15,490 for the Gear S2 Classic. Both models are available at all Samsung outlets nationwide.

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