10 Struggles Ginawin People Know All Too Well

Can someone please turn the damn air-con off?

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You enter a quiet movie theater, and you get the sense that there’s something wrong with the environment: your hands start shaking, your teeth start chattering, and goosebumps bloom across your upper arms. Is there a serial killer nearby? Huwag kang OA ha: it’s just the mall’s air-conditioning on full blast, and the freezing air is wreaking havoc on your vulnerable jacket-less body.

Can relate? Here are other scenarios you’ll find yourself nodding along to.

1. Bundling up at the slightest hint of a breeze. “Cloudy skies? Better wear a sweater. And a windbreaker. And a scarf. You know, just in case.”

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2. You don’t know if your constant sipon is due to your office’s freezing aircon or a virus making its rounds. And as long as they keep the temperature at this point, you’ll probably never know.

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3. You hoard jackets, sweaters, and scarves like there’s no tomorrow. Your #OOTD just isn’t complete without some sort of cover-up.

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4. Traveling abroad during the ‘ber months terrify you because you have no idea how you’ll survive in snowy weather. How are you supposed to take a bath in -20 degree temperatures?!

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5. Staying in cinemas and theaters renders you frozen. “The cold never bothered me anyway?” Ulul.

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6. You have a thick jacket permanently draped on your office chair. It’s probably already super moldy, but you’d like to believe the extra fungal growth provides added insulation.

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7. You have gulped down excessive amounts of hot beverages just to combat the cold. Chugging down boiling hot coffee in extremely cold climes makes you feel hot and steamy inside...literally.

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8. Your hands are always cold. So cold, you have thought of tracing your family tree to see if you’re related to Edward Cullen.

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9. You always scope out air vents before deciding where to sit. The further away from the wind, the better.

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10. You always have goosebumps. You’re not afraid of anything. You’re just...cold.

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