Your Next Trip to Incheon Requires a Visit to These 5 Unusual Places

Hidden gems for you to discover.

( Chances are, you've binge-watched more than one K-Drama series and you have more than one fave K-Pop band. Your diet is probably made up of samgyupsal and KBBQ and you're probably all stocked-up on K-Beauty and skincare products. And we don't blame you-there is a lot to love about Korean culture. You'll appreciate it even more when you're actually in Korea.

Not everyone is aware that your flight will take you to Incheon before you head off to Seoul. Smart travelers would know that a city is more than just a jump-off point-and Incheon is no different. It has its own hidden gems for you to discover and we've listed down some of them.

Jjajangmyeon Museum

Korean cuisine is more than just kimchi and grilled meat. It's also known for jjajangmyeon, a.k.a. noodles in black-bean sauce. If you're an adventurous foodie, this is a must-visit to know more about Korea's food and history.

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

Kids and kids-at-heart will marvel at this colorful part of Incheon. It isn't called "Fairy Tale" for no reason! Every corner pops with color, worthy of landing a spot in your IG feed. There are paintings and murals of famous cartoon characters you grew up watching, as well as mascots walking around, ready for a photo op.

Incheon Art Platform

The beautiful exhibits, galleries, live performances, and historic buildings make this area ideal for anyone looking to add a bit of culture to his or her itinerary. This place might look familiar if you're a K-Drama addict, especially if you watch Goblin and Rich Man.

Songdo Central Park

Lush green landscapes are rare when you're in the middle of a busy city, and this is what makes Songdo Central Park such a treat. You can walk or jog around the park. You can even go boating on a water taxi, stand-up paddle boat, kayak, or a canoe around the man-made canal in the center.

Incheon Bridge

At almost 22 kilometers, it's the longest suspension bridge in South Korea and the sixth longest in the world! If you think it looks great during the day, wait till you see it light up at night.

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