These Celebrity #DriveokeChallenge Videos Will Make Your Day

People are really into this.


( The #DriveokeChallenge has shown us probably the best way to kill boredom caused by traffic—be it by trying our hand at it, or just watching celebrities' posts—and we feel #blessed. One of the coolest things about it is finding out which song they chose, because we then get to catch a glimpse of their road trip soundtrack and totally yell, “SAME!”


Now, in case you missed some of their videos, we’ve rounded them up for you. Prepare to have your day made.


After being challenged by Nico Bolzico and the Blogger JowasJasmine Curtis-Smith stepped up to the challenge. Together with bashful DJ Nikko Ramos and ever-ecstatic DJ Suzy Gamboa, Jasmine proved that she's no pushover when it comes to singing the #DriveokeChallenge anthem.




Yassi Pressman’s dance moves are legendary, but we didn’t know she had this hidden side to her too. With Boys Night Out's Sam YG and Slick Rick, Yassi's #DriveokeChallenge video is a true comic relief; this is entertainment gold!



His cool swagger is what Daniel Padilla is known for, so would you really expect anything less for his #DriveokeChallenge video? Joining him in the video are volleyball stars Kianna Dy, Den Tan, and Justine Tiu.



And of course, the ones who started it all: Nico and the Blogger Jowas! DIY crop top and fake mustaches while on a road trip? Why not! The guys raised the bar high with their version of #DriveokeChallenge video. They really know how to make fun of themselves while making sure viewers are having a good laugh.



Celebrities have done it; are you game to take the Driveoke Challenge? Tag your friends and share your road trip sing-off! To know more about the challenge and to download the catchy song, visit Pepsi's Facebook page.

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