These Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids Will Save You Time and Money

If you’re a busy ninong or ninang, here’s a good list for you.

( Christmas shopping is great...that is, until you realize you don’t have enough time for it. Good thing these gift ideas from SM Accessories Kids will make Christmas shopping a breeze. Here's a quick rundown:



For little kikay girls

There are plenty of options available, from manicure sets (P199 to P299) and hair clips (P149 to P299) to girly watch-and-wallet combos (P699.75). Your little fashionista will feel like the coolest girl in school with these gifts.



For schoolkids

A Frozen-themed lunch-box set (P149.75 to P299.75), a Mickey Mouse-themed tumbler and container (P199.75 to P299.75), or a Batman tumbler (P199.75 to P299.75) are all great for bringing baon. They’ll also love these drawstring bags (P149.75) and pencil cases (P149.75 to P299.75).



For music lovers

If your niece loves jamming, she’ll absolutely adore these stylish headphones. She will like this rose-gold tiara pair (P549 to P599). She loves bunnies? Then she’ll dig a pastel-hued pair of headphones with bunny ears (P199.75 to P499.75). If she’s a cool little gal, these simple but pretty headphones (P199.75 to P499.75) will do the trick. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with these earphones that come with a heart-shaped case (P199.75 to P499.75).



For little ones who like anything

From adorable night lights (P299.75) and music boxes (P249.75), to neck pillows (P149.75 to P349.75) and nail clippers (P99.75 to P199.75), your inaanak will appreciate practical gifts like these.


Save time (and money!) when you get these budget-friendly gift sets from SM Accessories Kids, available in 59 SM Department Stores nationwide. They’re easy on the pocket and they come in gift-ready packaging, making holiday shopping hassle-free.

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