These Items Make Good Holiday Gifts for Your Officemates

They’re great for your boss, too.


( Family, friends, giving, receiving—the holiday season is about all that good stuff. But before it gets to any of that, December also means rush reports, events left and right, and general office stress. Then you have to make time for buying gifts. Gift shopping shouldn't feel like a chore, but your busy schedule can make it so. Don't worry: Consider this problem solved with these gift options for every person in your (office) life.


Bath essentials for your travel junkie officemate

It's the perfect gift for your office buddy who's always out of town. This bath set has everything she needs to stay fresh while on the go.


Whitening kit for your officemate who wants fairer skin

Help that person achieve a bright, youthful glow with a whitening kit. The products here can revitalize skin with natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective.


Makeup essentials for your office friend who's all about #MakeupIsLife

This set contains the most basic makeup must-haves. Your office BFF who's always about the #MOTD will surely appreciate this kit.


Vitamin pack for your active coworker

Everyone's working hard these days, and the greatest gift you can give your busiest office friend is one that says you're looking out for him. This mix of vitamins and boosters will help him to feel his best.


Moisturizing kit for your office buddy who's crazy for skincare

Despite the busy month, good skincare should never be neglected! Help your friends give their skin an instant boost when they need it most and wherever they are this holiday season.


These kits make buying gifts not stressful. The best part is that you can find all these items and more at Watsons Personal Care Stores. For those who are too busy to go to the mall, Watsons has made shopping easier by making its sets available not only in stores but also online and through its convenient Call and Delivery service. Go to Watson's website or to Watsons' Official Store at Lazada to know more.

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