This Mobile Wallet Is for Shoppers Who Are Tired of Long Lines

Say goodbye to getting stuck in mile-long lines at malls.

( Christmas shopping is a tiring struggle. You move from store to store, lugging heavy bags and jostling for position against other shoppers.


Because of this, online shopping has emerged as the fuss-free alternative. The prospect of not having to fall in line (or even get dressed) and making purchases from the comfort of your bed is too good to pass up.


The experience is made easier with GCash: a mobile wallet that serves as a virtual credit card, ideal for online shopping, transactions, and other services. GCash makes life easier with the following products:



GCash Mastercard

GCash also has a physical MasterCard counterpart, which you can use when you're abroad or shopping online. You can also enjoy a hassle-free commute using the GCash Beep MasterCard.



American Express Virtual Pay

Save yourself some extra money when buying items from the U.S. by using GCash American Express. You can also get a free U.S. address from My Shopping Box with it.



Send money

You can send money to other GCash users instantly and free of charge. The good news is many online sellers accept GCash as a form of payment.



Pay bills

Bills payment centers at malls are always packed. Avoid the hassle by paying your bills via GCash.



Buy load

Forget having to line up at a sari-sari store or kiosk. Within seconds, you can purchase load on any network, and even get rebates using Gcash.


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