Here Are Some V-Day Gifts That Aren't Flowers and Chocolates

Save your S.O. from generic gifts this year.

 Flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day is a long-established tradition, especially during the Victorian era, when floral arrangements were used to send secret messages in a system dubbed “floriography.” The Aztec Indians, meanwhile, regarded chocolates as an aphrodisiac.

But while these traditional gifts are still very much appreciated, it’s harder to communicate your sincerity when you’ve been giving the same things year after year.


It’s time to make some changes, especially if you and your partner have been together for a while. Here are some thoughtful and romantic ideas:




Remind them to sit back and relax.

Simple as this sounds, it’s still one of the best ways to show you care. Make it a habit to have a casual date night at home. Get your partner a new set of wine glasses—the elegant-looking kind that will make them feel like a grown-up.

Crate & Barrel has some beautiful, solid stemware, especially the 
Camille Wine Glasses and the Edge Champagne Flutes. Bonus points if the glasses come with a special bottle of wine.



Up their cool factor.

If your partner likes to wind down with a drink, inject some cool in the way they enjoy their nightcap. The Krouvi Beer Mug is a classic (it was designed by Oiva Toikka in 1973) and can be chucked into the freezer beforehand for a subzero beer-drinking experience.

Make a whiskey lover’s drinks cooler (literally!) with
Hexagon Whiskey Rocks. These freezable soapstone hexagons can keep whiskey cold without watering down the flavor. Throw in a really nice Gala Old-Fashioned Glass, another Crate & Barrel exclusive, to level up any drink.



Learn something new together.

Since we’re on the subject of drinks, how about enrolling together in a mixology class? Then, to practice what you’ve learned, you can also give your partner an 11-Piece Bar In A Box. You can also keep it simple and give them a nice Callaway Martini Glass and an Easton Cocktail Shaker



Invest in them.

Here’s the kicker, but hear us out: Buying furniture for your significant other is a sign of serious commitment. Imagine coming home on Valentine’s Day to a nice new bed, like the Hayden King Storage Bed. It’s a gift that’s both practical and romantic—definitely not generic. 

For something less grand but still very thoughtful, opt for the Cavett Chair, which creates a new romantic nook in your home. And it's a chair with comfy cushion, something you both would need any day of the week.


One of the best gifts you can give on Valentine’s Day is the idea that you’re growing up—and old, sorry!—together. Find these gifts and more at Crate & Barrel stores in SM Aura, SM Megamall, and SM Makati.

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