WATCH: SM's New Ad Was Made for Plus-Size Women

Give yourself a treat, because you super deserve it.


( The new year is about treating yourself right, and one way to do so is to dress the part of the confident and strong woman that you are. SM Woman Plus has enlisted the help of three amazing ladies to help empower women everywhere to shop for fashionable clothes and dress however they want—and well.



It's important to feel good about yourself, and this kind of confidence comes from being comfortable in your own skin, loving your own body, and enjoying the many ways you can flaunt it.


Fashion is about being able to express yourself in clothes that are fun, fashionable, and chic—without limiting yourself in any way. With this in mind, SM Woman Plus tapped three brand ambassadors: powerhouse singer Radha from The Voice Philippines, Star In A Million winner Frenchie Dy, and theater diva Bituin Escalante.


Chosen for their passion, confidence, and beauty and because they embody the brand's push for body positivity, the three also sang the new jingle for SM Woman.


“Give myself a big treat, 'cause I super-deserve it,” Radha sings in the video, which shows the ladies showing off their vocal chops and sexy curves in SM Woman Plus outfits.


This year, save some love for yourself. After all, self-love is the best kind of love. 


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