Carlos Celdran outs priest who allegedly took millions from San Agustin Museum for his children and blackmailers

Carlos Celdran outs Fr. Pedro Galende at the 9:40 mark.

Reproductive Health (RH) Bill activist, performance artist and tour guide Carlos Celdran told ANC’s Headstart this morning that Fr. Pedro Galende, director of the San Agustin Museum in Intramuros allegedly took millions of pesos from the museum’s funds to support his children and blackmailers. Celdran said provincial officers of Agustin in Spain are currently in Manila to hold Galende’s trial. The priest may be transferred back to Spain, said Celdran, who was recently charged with "offending the feelings of the faithful" for staging a pro-RH Bill protest during an ecumenical mass.

Celdran said he exposed Galende’s controversial case because he read that San Fernando Archbishop Paciano Aniceto said there are no more Padre Damasos (Damaso being the abusive friar in Noli Me Tangere) today. "I’ve worked with one Damaso," Celdran said. "When (the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines) says there is no more Damaso in our midst, all I have to tell the CBCP is to please look right next door, to the (San Agustin) Museum. I’m probably going to be banned from conducting tours in that museum now but I just have to show this example. If you want to teach morals, you have to be moral yourself."

Celdran added, "Although I’d like to keep the message of reproductive health and human rights as the focus of the protest that I did, one can’t deny that these abuses of the friars are really taking them off the moral high horse." He posted on Facebook, "I hope (my outing an erring priest) gives others strength to speak up when it comes to abusive clergy, especially those guilty of theft, sexual misconduct and pedophelia."


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