Jim Paredes and Gringo Honasan in heated Twitter exchange about EDSA 1

Earlier today, singer-songwriter Jim Paredes and Senator Gringo Honasan had a heated exchange via Twitter, reports Newsbreak. The two People Power personalities were "Twitterviewees" (interviewees on Twitter) of Newsbreak’s Twitter discussion on the EDSA legacy with the hashtag #TweetConPH.

Contributing to the #TweetConPH discussion, Paredes posted, "Major players in EDSA came for various reasons. Gringo, Enrile, RAM (Reform the Armed Forces Movement) had an agenda different from the millions who were there... They joinde EDSA to save their assess against Marcos..When it was safe again, they launched their coups."

In response, Honasan Tweeted, "@jimparedes Until U have faced the business end of a gun as a soldier,for God,country & family HERE, U know nothing. I didn’t go abroad." Honasan, who was among those who led a coup attempt in the ’80s against then President Ferdinand Marcos, was referring to Paredes’ move to Australia in 2006. The former Apo Hiking Society member now shuttles between the Philippines and Australia but said he currently spends more time here.

To Honasan’s tweet, Paredes replied, "Yes... Soldiers were heroes too. I answered short kasi humingi ng names ung question." He added, "Until you can be honest about yoyr true motives, then I cant believe you... Until yo can tell us why or even admit you launched those coups causing deaths and economic dislocation, wala ka... Sorry but the truth and facts are pesky things you have to live with."

Honasan then Tweeted, "@jimparedes Get elected first, even as brgy. captain. Then let’s talk." In the ’90s, Paredes ran for barangay captain and lost.

To another Twitter user @daveagbuya who commented that maybe Honasan’s previous tweet would end the discussion, Paredes said, "ha ha., I can see your spite, not ur reason. I was happy not to be elected. But proud I ran with good intentions... Do I have to be an elected official to talk to an elected official? That’s the very mindset I detest."

Not explicitly addressing Paredes, Honasan later Tweeted, "To all Filipinos, let us not leave our country even if the going gets rough. God bless!"

Not specifically naming Honasan either, Paredes Tweeted, "Nothing wrong to leave our country, learn abroad and come back to apply knowledge. Rizal, Ninoy, Luna did just that... Geography is not the only requirement to be Filipino. 11 million people agree."

For more on this story, log on to Newsbreak.

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