UPDATED: "What Ateneans Do Wrong After Graduating" posted by Tumblr user, creates online buzz

We're trying to find out the real name of the author.

(SPOT.ph) Two days ago, on the Tumblr account, The Beautiful Fight, the tongue-in-cheek piece, "What Ateneans Do Wrong After Graduating" was posted. Needless to say, it’s generating considerable online buzz among the school’s graduates. Early on, SPOT.ph had a difficult time trying to find out the real name of the author. Users commenting on this feed have identified the author as Janine Motos.


We’re reposting the essay as it appears on the Tumblr account. (Note: In case we made a mistake about identifying the author, please tell us who exactly should be cited for the Tumblr piece so we can confirm the author’s identity.)



What Ateneans Do Wrong After Graduating


I was having dinner with my boss and her husband (all three of us Ateneans) when we talked about the difference with how Gloria and Noynoy sees life. Gloria being the realistic one and Noynoy being the usual, ideal Atenean. Then her husband started narrating about how only few Ateneans become successful in life at the age of 40, with his roster of friends as a perfect example. People at the age of 40 who still don't own a car and cannot even settle down for once. Or worst, they just realized the right thing to do to become successful but it was too late already. And here are the things we talked about over dinner, and his advice to fresh graduate Ateneans like me. And this made sense, I am telling you. THIS WILL BE MY DIRECTION IN LIFE.



1. Having our heads up "on the hill" a.k.a too much self-esteem/ Atenean pride

The first thing that I realized when I worked is wherever you work, you can never use your school as your ticket to success. It can be an advantage for you at first, but if you only use the school name as your claim to fame, then you're doomed. He said that the flaw of his Atenean employees (he has 120 employees all over the Philippines, btw) is that they NEVER would want to report to someone who came from a school which they think is too low for their standards. They believe that they're smarter than their boss, who for example came from AMA or STI. But ofcourse, there's a reason why that person became the boss. And that's one thing you don't have that's why you're the employee. Ateneans always assume that because they graduated from a good school, they should always get the jobs that would fit their high standards. And I have noticed this with my friends who always wonder why I stick to my job even though I only photocopy and print most of the time, and do errands. ARteneans always expect job to be convenient. But all things always start from scratch, and you start at the dirt bottom of it all. And if I had to photocopy, then I'd do it, because it's part of my job. And this is what we lack, this right attitude called HUMILITY.

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2. We have the right education, but not the right attitude: Humility


He told me about how he learned humility the hard way. He used to have the Atenean attitude of being so mayabang, complaining too much (I used to do this, and ALL of my working friends complain a lot, and compare bosses too). And this is one thing we should get rid of. Because for one, employers would prefer hiring people who would do EVERYTHING, even though it's not part of your job description, because it only shows that you are a very good asset to the company. You are bringing so much to the table that the boss will give you more opportunities to excel because you're willing. If you had to commute to faraway places, buy flowers in the afternoon, buy this and go to the office on Saturday, or even deliver things yourself because of the lack of manpower, YOU SHOULD DO IT. Because it only shows how determined you are to keep your job. Stop computing if your salary would compensate for the difficult things that you'd do. You should be so good that you can replace your boss. You are so good that he/she needs you so much to function. Why would they hire someone who does not make things happen? Who will just let the situation pass and wouldn't move mountains to give the boss decent answers or suggestions?


3. The Employer Thinking vs. The Employee Thinking: Thinking LIKE A BOSS

To be the best worker, you should think as the EMPLOYER. How? You should always be wary of all the things your boss needs, prefers, etc. Will my boss like this attitude? What will my boss think if I say this? or that? Will this be good for the company? What else does he/she needs for the next day? What else should I do so that he wouldn't worry? You should be good in assessing the things your boss likes and needs, because its also part of you becoming the boss someday. You are doing good in work and at the same time you are honing yourself to becoming the next boss by thinking like a boss, and not thinking like an employee. Over-think, over-analyze, be AHEAD of the game. If you keep on thinking like an employee, you'll be an employee FOREVER.



4. Having side goals - for GROWTH

The wrong attitude that people have is that they are so narrow-minded with opportunities. I could say that I am doing well on this part, because I am working now for my dream job. My boss' husband said, that while you have your work now, and EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE JOB YOU WANT, you should be good because it will prepare you for the work that you'll have to do once you have the job you want. It's not necessary that you start with your dream job, like what I said, humility - accept the job even if it's not your dream job, and do good with it because it will be your first step in mastering the art of working. It's also good that you have goals on the side and you are open to other opportunities because it will make you grow. It will inspire you to dream bigger and achieve that almost impossible goal. Save up for it if you really want it. If your dream is to become a dancer, even if you think it won't sustain you for life, money will come to you if you keep on doing what you like and you have the right attitude. It may be a long road, but if you really want it, then you'll get it no matter the consequences.


5. Keeping the FAITH. Avoid short-cuts.

We Ateneans always want the SHORT-CUT. But the way to success, is always long and winding, and VERY HARD. For my boss, it took them more than 10 years to reap the good life. At first they said, you will feel afraid because you are clueless of what will happen in the future. Everybody will have that phase. But IF YOU WORK HARD, AND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, of course God would notice and give you the blessings you deserve. At the age of 40 most people ask, how come God never gave me the opportunity? God always gives us the opportunity, but we never found the right attitude that came with the opportunity. And this includes the long wait. Work hard and blessings will come - TREMENDOUSLY, and you'll never know. Like what they said, they couldn't imagine that they have gone this far because it used to be, that all things were uncertain. But they kept on working hard. 10 years is a long way to go, but it's all worth it.



6. Having the right people around you - BE SUPPORTIVE of your partner

Get a partner who wouldn't pull you down. If your partner needs to go home late to do over-time, you better support him/her. It's for your future. Both of you needs to sustain each other's passion for work because it will be the thing that you will bank on when you will have a family. Encourage your partner to do better even if work is really hard. If you trust that both of you will end up together, then quit arguing about not having enough time. If you clearly understand both of your goals, then you will inspire each other and compromise for that lost time instead of dwelling too much on how toxic work has become.


7. Being men and women for others - THE RIGHT WAY

We Ateneans, are SO opinionated that we believe so much our opinion would change the course of the world. But the truth is, real life beyond the school grounds SUCKS BIG TIME. It's so complicated, full of doubts, it's something you cannot describe but you have to experience it. We should stop talking too much - pointing out faults of others, praising ourselves that we do the right things all the time when in fact we only blabber a lot. Being real men and women for others means you have to WORK FOR IT. For example, having a successful company would also mean getting more employees and providing opportunities. It's not always about service and practicing humility by going to typhoon victims. It's also about making others lives more bearable, more stable, giving them growth. And when you do this, you are not only changing someone's life for a day by giving out cash donations, or being a volunteer, you are CHANGING THE COURSE OF THEIR LIVES AND THEIR FAMILIES. You ARE MAKING A LONG-TERM CHANGE that will alter the difficult situation of the people who deserve it.


I couldn't agree more on what we talked about and I want you to share this with other Ateneans. I hope I wouldn't be bashed for this post. You know naman some Ateneans love correcting grammar and seeing faults on the opinion of others. I just want others to be aware and make the right head-start. So let's take this by heart and make that successful future a reality!



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