VIDEO: Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago, and pals figure in NAIA 3 "rumble" vs. journalist Ramon Tulfo

This video of the alleged "rumble" at NAIA 3 which involved Claudine Barretto, Raymart Santiago, and Ramon Tulfo was taken by an eyewitness. It was uploaded on YouTube by a user named spamsafe. reports: "Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist and TV5 host Ramon Tulfo and actor Raymart Santiago exchanged blows at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Terminal 3 on Sunday, May 6. A YouTube video later showed Raymart and several male companions ganging up on Tulfo, even as security guards onsite were holding back Tulfo as they tried to pacify the parties."


According to the report on the same incident, "Tulfo said he arrived at NAIA 3 from Davao City on a Cebu Pacific flight when he noticed a woman giving the stewardess a dressing down. He said he initially sympathized with the woman after learning from onlookers that she had been complaining of ’an off-loaded luggage,’ which had been a subject of critical columns he wrote before. He did not recognize the woman as Barretto until he walked toward the airline's complaints desk. Tulfo pulled out his mobile phone and took photos of the scene, which he said would form part of a column he intended to write, when a man from the actress’ group approached him."



The report revealed that Tulfo later recognized the man as Barretto's husband, Raymart Santiago. Tulfo explained that Santiago "demanded to get (his) phone which (he) used in taking shots." Tulfo refused to surrender his phone. At some point, Tulfo said, Santiago’s companions came near them. A fight then suddenly broke out. According to the report, "Tulfo said he could not recall who threw the first punch" because, as he alleged, the Santiago and his group had "ganged up" on him.


Meanwhile, a report on GMA News Online gave Santiago’s side of the story: "Santiago said he approached the man, who turned out to be Tulfo, and asked him why he was taking footage. Santiago alleged that Tulfo punched him. But Tulfo claimed Santiago and some companions ganged up on him, and that he merely fought back."


The GMA News Online report noted: "Barretto sustained a bruise in the leg. Tulfo admitted kicking her but said it was unintentional since he was outnumbered at the time. Tulfo also said (that he had been) taking photos and not video footage of Barretto."

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