Pinoy fashion bloggers react to "unmasking" of people allegedly behind now-defunct D-List Burn Book blog

( The D-List Burn Book blog may be gone, but its effects are still being felt by Pinoy fashion bloggers who were targeted in the said blog. With the "death" of the scathing site, a new one rose, D-List End, which was set up on the Blogger platform. D-List End contains nothing but screenshots of what appears to be a thread of private messages sent via Facebook.


The "conversation" in the said screenshots details the origin of the D-List Burn Book. In the said screenshots, only one name was visible-that of fashion blogger Patricia Prieto. The name of the other person in the conversation was not visible, but it could be discerned that the person was male. The then-unidentified guy then allegedly set up the D-List Burn Book at the somewhat indirect prodding of Prieto. Prieto then appeared to have fed him information on the fashion bloggers that he was supposed to write about. (Note: There is no way for us to ascertain if the screenshots on the D-List End blog are indeed unaltered. Nevertheless, we reiterate the fact that it is disturbing that it is only Prieto’s name that is visible in the said shots.)



Below are some of the screenshots posted on the D-List End blog.


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As of this writing, Prieto’s blog, Paradigma does not talk about the said issue. However, Prieto’s sister, Pauline (a model), posted, via her Twitter page, a screenshot of a Facebook message of the guy who was suspected of being Prieto’s accomplice. See the screenshot of Gery Penaso’s statement below, where he denies involvement in the matter and makes a plea to also clear Prieto’s name:




Fashion blogger Joanna Ladrido, who was one of those targeted on the D-List Burn Book, has posted her "unofficial statement" about the fiasco.


With all these things being revealed, we just have one question: What the heck happened here?

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