5 Must-Do Travel Experiences for the Budget-Savvy

A smaller budget doesn’t mean having to skimp on big experiences.

(SPOT.ph) Going on a vacation or a simple road trip should always be a fun-filled and relaxing experience. Yet the one thing that often gets in the way of a fun escapade is your limited travel budget. It's hard to be a happy camper when you're always worrying about the moolah.

To avoid shortchanging yourself of great adventures, here are the five must-do travel experiences that are light and easy on the pocket.

Chat with locals and get to know the culture more.
Talk to locals and ask them which places to visit in their area—doing so will allow you to discover untapped spots that are only known to locals. Some of them may even be kind enough to give you advice on how to get there, which tourist traps to avoid, and so forth.

Day-trip the town capital or city.
Whether it’s a small town with a rustic vibe or a big city with spectacular skylines, always include them in your itinerary. If you're keen on making your day trip around these places truly hassle-free, you can purchase their local transport card that you can conveniently use to pay fares at buses, ferries, trains, etc.

Try both the well-known and not-so-well-known restaurants.
It's not much of a vacation if you can't even spend on food, right? Nothing beats discovering affordable gems in your area, but you should also allow yourself to splurge a few times during the trip. You won't regret dining at well-known and highly recommended establishments.

Take as many photos as you want.
Traveling is all about immersing yourself in different cultures and collecting memories in the process. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to take pictures whenever you chance upon something interesting. After all, photos are free! No need to touch your travel budget for souvenirs to take home.

But if you must, get souvenirs from local shops and markets.
Go to local shops and artisans and you're sure to find unique pieces to take home. A simple purchase can make a difference in a small local community.

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