Here's Why You Need to Try Ice Skating and Bowling With Your Friends This Weekend

Neon air hockey FTW.


( Ice skating and bowling might not be on your short list of fun things to do on a weekend. But when was the last time you researched about the latest gimmicks offered by ice skating rinks and bowling alleys?


If you’re looking for something to do on weekends or to chill after a long workday, head on over to your old stomping grounds. Chances are it’ll bring back a lot of happy memories and you’ll have an amazing time.


It’ll make you competitive, but in a good way.

Bowling tourney, anyone? Raise the stakes and make bowling night a little more…competitive. Host a bowling tournament complete with team names and jackets. Maybe even have medals and a trophy made.


It’s a way to cool down in this hot and humid weather.

In this weather, the closer you are to anything frozen, the better. You’re likely to break a sweat trying to stay upright, but it’ll be too cold for you to notice anyway. Make like you’re in the Winter Olympics and bust out spins…or laugh (it all depends on how you do).




You’ll glow like never before.

Remember: You’re never too old to party on ice. Buy your tickets to the coolest event this month. Head on over to the SM Mall of Asia Skating Rink on June 9, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., for the Neon Ice Party. We’re talking about neon lights, glow skates, neon face paint, neon ice hockey, and glow pong.


Do it for the ’Gram

Bowling and skating provide opportunities for Instagram gems: Strike (get it?) a pose in your bowling jacket for your #OOTD, IG Stories that strike you scored on the lane, or Boomerang a video of your friend landing on her butt. That’s viral gold right there.


Whether you’re bowling in your own private tournament, having some laughs on the ice, or attending SM’s events, there’s a lot of fun times to be had at the bowling alley and ice skating rink. If you’re interested in attending the Neon Ice Party or Strike and Jam event, buy your tickets now at or call 470-2222.


The glow doesn’t stop in Manila! Get ready as Neon Ice Party comes to Cebu this July 28. Buy your tickets now at!

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