No Kidding: This Superstore in Quezon City Practically Has Everything You Need

You won’t be leaving empty-handed.


( Let’s face it: Heading out to tick off all the items on your to-do list is hardly exciting. Running last-minute errands on top of your regular tasks can be tedious, not to mention time-consuming. Hence, having everything all in one location is always ideal. And with these homegrown brands, you don’t even have to go out of your way and leave Quezon City to get everything done. You can accomplish everything in one convenient location, along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue.

These shops provide a variety of options for your shopping, dining, and leisure needs—check them out:



Best for: Switching up your home

Whether you’re looking to fill up your new house or spruce up your rooms with a few new additions, AllHome should be your go-to place for home improvement supplies. It’s a one-stop shop for your construction, interior design, and even your do-it-yourself decorative needs. From your living room’s sofa and your kitchen table to your bedroom closet and everything you need to put them all together, you can expect to find something to your liking—and within your budget—here. 

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All Day Supermarket

Best for: Stocking up the pantry

Say goodbye to having the same old meals that you switch every other day. You can take your palate around the world with All Day’s vast selection of wine, gourmet deli, and cheese. It also has a section dedicated to imported goods. All Day has spacious and well-lit stores that allow you to navigate the aisles with ease, making shopping a less stressful and more pleasurable experience.

No problem if you need to stock up on supplies after work, but you're leaving the office later than usual. All Day Supermarket is open until midnight. 

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Best for: Chowing down on fresh food

You can’t get through an entire day of errands and activities without a bite or two in between. Paluto, which is inside All Day Supermarket, gets its fresh meat and veggies from All Day itself and all you have to do is pick what you want and decide how you want it cooked. You’ll get that dampa-style lunch Pinoys love. 


Coffee Project 

Best for: IG-worthy study and work dates

Bland surroundings are boring; being seated at this uber-cute and picture-perfect coffee shop should liven up your mood. Coffee Project offers warm cups of joe to perk you up, as well as free wi-fi and sockets to keep you productive. 

The E. Rodriguez Jr. branch juxtaposes industrial accents with the rustic garden vibe that is a common element in Coffee Project stores. 

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My Mother’s Cupboard

Best for: Countryside-inspired interiors

You don’t have to completely remodel your home if all it needs is a minor touch-up. If you’re looking to add a rustic and laid-back aesthetic to your living space–and to get your inner tita excited–drop by My Mother’s Cupboard for household and decorative items.   

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Bake My Day

Best for: Munching on a light snack

Sometimes, all you need for a pick-me-up is a quick but satisfying treat. You can even consider it a little reward for everything you’ve accomplished so far. Bake My Day’s freshly baked goodies make for thoughtful pasalubong for when you get home, too.

Bake My Day offers a well-stocked selection of bread and pastries that you won't find in your neighborhood bakeshop. Try the Sweet Potato Cake, a Bake My Day bestseller, when you visit.

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Ample parking spaces are available. String lights illuminate the area to make it scenic at night. 

These shops can be found along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Quezon City. 

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