Solo for the Weekend? Check Out These Single-Friendly Activities in Manila

Because sometimes, you just need some "me" time.

( Going out, eating out, and watching movies are perceived as activities that should be done in the company of other people, and if you do these things on your own, you risk making yourself look like a total snob or a loner.


However, enjoying public spaces and exploring the city alone can be quite liberating—and perhaps even necessary for some. So, ditch the solo flight anxiety and enjoy some me time in Metro Manila. Here are some activities you can start with.


Travel back in time.

There’s no better way to touch base with the culture and history of Metro Manila than by revisiting the vestiges of its past. Luckily, there are restoration efforts and even guided tours to help you better experience places like Intramuros, Paco Park, Binondo, and Escolta. Get up early on a Sunday morning and hop on the LRT-1 to any of these places, where you can stroll around, eat some good food, and take in the scenery. Take note of the architecture, as the buildings and structures here are great for the ‘gram.


Support indie cinema.

Filipino cinema is thriving, thanks in part to all the newly emergent microcinemas that provide homegrown independent films with a screening venue. They’re also perfect for solo viewers who’d like to take in the movie alone.


Volunteer at an animal shelter.

“Me time” doesn’t necessarily have to be spent on yourself. You can take that time to help out at animal centers, where you could make new furry friends. If you’d like to volunteer, reach out to the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).


Shop for unique finds.

One of the joys of going out to explore the city alone is the sense of discovery, and you get a similar feeling of satisfaction when you go thrift shopping. Sift through the stores at Dapitan Arcade for trinkets and household items; Bookay Ukay in Maginhawa for, well, books; and any of the various ukay-ukay areas in the city. Makati Cinema Square used clothes shops and the tiangges at Taytay, Rizal are great places to explore, too.


Going solo gives you opportunities to discover the city in ways you would have never imagined. Document your adventures and capture those memories with the OPPO F7, which takes sharp, crisp photos and selfies with its 25-megapixel front camera and its 16-megapixel AI rear camera. It’s the perfect companion to take along on adventures that don’t really need anyone else on board.


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