10 Things to Watch Out for This Holiday Season

Like all the crowded malls

Even if it’s the season to be jolly, there are still countless things that will irk you and turn you into a mean, grumpy Grinch. Here are but 10 of the many, many annoying things that you must watch out for this holiday season:

The insane traffic
Expect to spend a lot of time on the road, as you’ll be sharing it with party goers and last-minute shoppers.

The difficult commute
Not bringing your car might spare you from the horrors of EDSA, but don’t think you’ll get off easy. Have you seen the lines at the MRT?

The lack of parking space
Parking your car can sometimes take longer than the actual shopping! 

Pushy shoppers
People just seem to lose all sense of humanity and politeness during this season. 

Even pushier salespeople
When did “just looking” mean anything else?

Long lines
From the ATMs to the payment counters to the bathroom, there's no escaping the crowd. If you’re just doing your Christmas shopping now, good luck!

Beware of them, especially when you’re in crowded places like bazaars. If possible, bring only a small bag containing all your essentials: a small wallet, a Jurassic cell phone, a handkerchief, and a small pack of tissues.

Hiked prices 
An unbranded pack of colored pens priced at Php 500 at a tiangge? No, thanks.

Noisy reunions
A get-together with friends can get pretty rowdy, but when you can hear all the sordid details of Person A’s sex life from three tables away, that’s just too much.

Jam-packed restaurants
You’re hungry and tired, but you still can’t eat (or sit down) because you’re number 8 on the list. Life just isn’t fair.

This list might seem extreme, but the Christmas season does have a tendency to make certain situations way worse. For example, did you know that you’re also more exposed to odor-causing bacteria this time of the year? With a higher level of activity, not to mention human contact, you’re more likely to sweat, resulting in icky body odor.

Before you leave the house this holiday season, don’t forget to swipe on Rexona Antibacterial Defense!. With its antibacterial formulation, it targets and eliminates odor-causing bacteria for 10 times more protection, keeping you fresh, dry, and protected from odor-causing bacteria all day. Have a fun, fresh Christmas with Rexona!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Rexona.
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