4 Things to Avoid When Planning a Trip With Your Friends

Because you all just want to have a good time!


We all know that traveling solo is no easy feat, let alone traveling with your friends. It's hard enough to gather everyone for a simple dinner, what more if you're planning to go on a three-day beach trip with the whole gang? Just thinking about it makes you want to rip your hair out.


Since there are many of you, there will be a lot of things to consider when planning a big group trip. Deciding on your destination or budget could turn into a full-blown disaster when not properly accounted for. To give you an idea, here are some factors that we usually overlook when it comes to traveling with your buddies. Here’s to hoping that you'll be able to avoid them on your next barkada getaway.


Not setting a fixed date.

Of course, everybody wants everyone in the group to be able to join the trip. But since we're all busy with our own lives, it's hard to commit knowing that our schedule isn't always certain. It's best to have everyone agree on a fixed date for your vacation so you can finalize the list of your friends who'll be able to attend. If there's already a specific date for your trip, then all other arrangements should come smoothly.



Only one person is planning for the whole group.

We all have than one friend considered as "The Planner" of the group who acts as the decision-maker. While this works with quick decisions like choosing the restaurant for a get-together dinner, planning a trip is a totally different thing. Each person has different expectations, and your designated decision-maker would probably be out of his wits while trying to figure out every single one of them. So spare him the headache and do your planning as a group. 




Arranging for transportation and accommodation at the last minute.

You already have an itinerary ready, but what about the transportation and lodging? Hotels can quickly run out of rooms if you wait too long to book. Remember to always consider and finalize transportation and accommodation first when planning trips: competition can be really tight for last-minute deals.



Not setting a flexible itinerary.

Doing research about your destination would work wonders for your trip. Before you hop on your flight, make sure you always have a Plan B in case unavoidable events like weather changes mess up your schedule. We’re sure the last thing you want to happen is to get stuck inside your rooms and stare at each other (or worse, your phones) all day.


Read the full article, "7 Travel Mistakes You're Making With Your Friends," on TravelBook.ph. Minor edits have been made by the SPOT.ph editors.

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