10 Themed Airbnbs That Will Knock Your Socks Off

From a Star Wars apartment to a Gingerbread House!


(SPOT.ph) Airbnb has become a favorite among travelers who want to experience a different kind of accommodation in a foreign land. It serves as a database where homeowners can put up their extra rooms for leasing or even a whole apartment for renting for a few days. The best thing about it? You can sometimes find the most amusing homes in it, from a backyard shed turned into a room to an English castle turned into a boutique hotel.


We round up just a few themed Airbnbs around the world that might interest the curious wanderer in you.





Star Wars Experience

North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Entire home/apartment • four guests • one bedroom • two beds

P5,430 per night


Considered as the first-ever themed Airbnb in Australia, this unit features original memorabilia from the Star Wars movie series. The bedroom is furnished with Star Wars posters, while the bed is lined with Storm Trooper sheets. You can even fall asleep under the stars, thanks to the Sega Homestar projector. The theme extends to the kitchen through the R2D2 mugs and C3PO bowls, the bathroom with Star Wars bobbleheads, and even the living room which has a drink cooler featuring Han Solo.

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Super Mario Land

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Entire home/apartment • six guests • three bedrooms • four beds

P3,933 per night


Relive your childhood memories of playing Super Mario on your family computer as this apartment has the classic NES in its living room. The bedrooms have 1-up Mushroom pillows, Question Mark Blocks as lamps, and other Super Mario Land collectibles on the shelves. Even the plates, refrigerator magnets, and laundry area go with the theme.





Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, Idaho, United States

Entire home/flat • four guests • two bedrooms • three beds

P6,177 per night


It's easy to guess what the theme is in this beagle-shaped one-unit inn. Owners Frances and Dennis showcase their love for dogs through the dog-themed headboard in the bedroom, dog puzzles and books, and dog sculptures which they personally make. The inn is located in the middle of a field, making it the perfect spot for communing with nature.





Windmill House

Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands

Entire home/apartment • six guests • three bedrooms • three beds

P13,251 per night


If you've always wondered how to live like a miller in Netherlands, then you should rent this 1874 windmill-turned-house. It's situated in the middle of a green field and by a river where you can swim. To complete the Sound of Music feel, you can bike around the pastures and chase away the sheep and cows. (Kidding, don’t do that.)




Magic School Bus Adventure

Salinas, California, United States

Private room • two guests • one bedroom • one bed

P3,246 per night


If you grew up watching The Magic School Bus on TV, then this might be your dream come true. This accomodation features a short bus converted into a private room for backpackers. It may be small but it has everything you need for a good night's sleep: a queen-size mattress, remote-controlled LED lighting, a seating area with glass table, and even a power strip. The organic farm outside the bus, which has a vegetable garden and poultry, is basically your breakfast.





Gingerbread House

Geyserville, California, United States

Private room • two guests • one bedroom • one bed

P5,992 per night


Step into the world of Hansel and Gretel and into this Gingerbread House that's, of course, not made of bread. Stained glass windows and colored LEDs inside the hut add to the experience that's right out of a fairy tale. After a full night's rest, you can walk under the trees or enjoy a meal with your special someone on a picnic table by the wood-fired oven.





Cockpit Cabin

Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, France

Entire home/apartment • four guests • one bedroom • three beds

P4,694 per night


Nope, that's not a typo. Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef is a commune in western France, and is also the location of this interesting accommodation that looks like an airplane. It can fit a whole family and is fully-equipped with a small kitchen, an entire living room, and even a shower. If you visit from May to September, there's a swimming pool set up right outside the plane-cum-room.




An English Castle

Cumbria, United Kingdom

Private room • two guests • one bedroom • one bed

P9,638 per night


Feel like a royalty in this 1841 English castle set on 15 acres of grounds on the edge of Yorkshire Dales. Choose from 15 grand rooms, each with four-poster beds, a fireplace, and traditional bath tubs. You also have the option to rent the whole castle for P378,199.





Robinson Crusoe Island

Stann Creek District, Belize

Entire home/apartment • four guests • three bedrooms • four beds

P19,725 per night


In case you're tired of the Philippines’ 7,000++ islands, then you can stay on Bird Island in Belize in Central America. It's within a coral reef, making it an excellent location for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Live like Robinson Crusoe, a castaway on a deserted island, but with the convenience of a well-stocked kitchen, electricity through solar power and wind generator, and a nice bed. You wouldn’t want to go on a Survivor-like vacation anyway, right?





Secluded Treehouse

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Entire home/apartment • two guests • one bedroom • one bed

P18,727 per night


Feel like Tarzan in this house tucked in a small forest in the heart of Atlanta. The whole accommodation has three separate rooms—a living room, a bedroom for two, and a deck—all connected by rope bridges. It features antique materials, including an 80-year-old window, and vintage decor to complete its countryside charm. The viewing deck sits right in front of a 150-year-old pine tree.



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