Bohol's Coral Garden Is a New Addition to Your Bucket List

Who knew beauty could come from calamity?

Mother Nature always has a way of surprising us with her wonders. And often, we stumble upon them in the most unusual ways. Take Bohol's latest hidden gem located in the municipality of Loon.


Recall that, in 2013, Bohol was hit by a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that caused the coastal area in Loon to rise by 1.2 meters into a stretch of first. The coastline, which passes through the towns of Loon and Maribojoc, spans about eight kilometers in length and covers an area of about 1.37 square kilometers. Because of this unique geological shift, the uplifted coast was declared a geological monument by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 2015. 



A few years later, the supposedly barren land bloomed with a mysterious red-orange plant. This succulent-like plant caused the sandy area to be dubbed as Bohol's Coral Garden by the locals, because the spot where they're sprouting is supposedly a coral bed that was once underwater. The plants are now being studied for a more accurate classification. Little is known about these plants aside from the fact that they possess thick leaves that can store water.





Now, the place is slowly becoming a tourist destination for its autumn-like hues that stretch to impressive lengths, an instant hit for Instagrammers and adventurers alike.


If you're looking to visit the place yourself, do us all a favor and proceed with caution. Remember to avoid stepping on the plants to preserve their natural beauty! 


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