Watching This Video of People Getting Off a Plane Is Oddly Satisfying

Is this the best way to get off a plane?

( It's probably due the excitement to start off an adventure or the relief that you've finally touched ground after a 15-hour flight, but airplane passengers almost always unbuckle their seat belts as soon as the plane lands despite repeated warnings not to do so. The seat belt sign, after all, is still lit at this point. When the flight attendant finally announces the magic words, people just stand up and reach for their luggage from the overhead compartments—never mind that your seven-kilo bag might fall flat on someone's face. The last step? Well, just line up along the aisle, or to be exact—squeeze yourselves between other passengers. But this video of people disembarking a plane in an orderly manner is just satisfying to watch. It was filmed by Louise Vadeboncoeur, a flight attendant for Canadian carrier WestJet.


In a report by CNN, it was explained that the passengers are oil rig workers traveling from Fort McMurray in Alberta to Calgary International Airport. "These men and women do this flight on a regular basis. As it blows my mind every time, I decided to film it," the flight attendant told CNN Travel. Unlike most disembarking scenes that we often see, these workers get off the plane row-by-row. They weren't even instructed to do so. But is it the most efficient way?

Opinions differ, so much so that other foreign carriers declined to comment on CNN's query. There are even academic studies dedicated to airplane disembarking. There's the option to deplane all aisle seat passengers, then the middle seats, and finally, the window seats. Another study suggests the "pyramid" strategy, where both doors of the plane are open and the front aisle and back aisle go first and simultaneously.

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A 2015 computer simulation by Vox, which was based on other research, concluded that disembarking by aisle, rather than row, would make things more efficient. The left side aisle seat passengers would go off first, then the right side aisle, then the left middle, and so on.

So why are we not following these methods despite all this effort to make colorful visuals? Well, just look at how we solve our traffic situation.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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