What to Do, Buy, and Eat, According to This Weekend Fair in the South

Check out what you missed at Sunday Feasts last month.

(SPOT.ph) If you're looking for something fun yet relaxing to do on a weekend, check out Sunday Feasts for some inspo. It's a festival filled with delicious food, wellness activities, and crafts workshops held on all Sundays of July at East Bay Residences, Sucat, Muntinlupa. 


They didn't call it a "feast" for nothing. Guests treated themselves to beef wagyu cubes from Black Wagyu, chocolate-covered waffles from Gaufre, chicken wings from House of Griddle, Filipino cold brew coffee from Zip Sup Cold Brew, and longganisa wrapped in lumpia wrapper from Pop's Original Lumpianiza, among other equally appetizing eats.

Set in East Bay's spacious Central Amenity, Sunday Feasts were perfect for kicking back and unwinding. Participants tried Yoga Qi Flow in its well-equipped gym, Pound Rockout Workout and African Dance at its glistening pool area, and Crystal Healing in its expansive function room, and many more.

Harness relaxing and positive energy at a crystal healing session

Last July 15, Flow Retreats hosted fitness and wellness related activities throughout the month of July, such as yoga with essential oils, an African dance class, and music meditation; as well as Akashic soul reading and crystal healing for the mystics among us.

Those who wanted to improve their flexibility, enhance their muscle strength, and tone their abs, joined the Pilates classes by Move With Options last July 29.

For your creative muscles, there was the Watercolor Succulents art class by Life After Breakfast. Through this workshop conducted by surface pattern designer and watercolor teacher Alessandra Lanot, you could learn to sketch and paint images of succulent plants by mixing different colors, techniques, and arrangements on paper. 

A trip to Sunday Feasts offered a taste of life in East Bay, one of the South's serene and spacious communities. Apart from East Bay's Central Amenity, you can also check out the Retail Row where you can cool down. 

For more information, visit the Rockwell Primaries’ East Bay Residences website.

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