5 Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Post-Travel Bloat

When you've had too much while on vacation.

Many young Filipinos take "Work hard, party harder" to heart. And even while they’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, they let their guard down when they go on vacation—hurting their budgets and bodies in the process.  

It then becomes easy to go binge-drinking and to indulge in unhealthy food amidst all the fun, knowing that they might still be intoxicated–and hung over–the day after. So, instead of feeling energized from their vacation, they tend to feel weak, lethargic, and with an obvious case of post-travel bloat.

Nobody likes feeling bloated. Here are five simple and budget-friendly ways to avoid it:

1. Don't go off the rails.

Everybody likes to let go and indulge while on vacation, but we all know that we shouldn't go overboard. Maybe you don't have to go drinking every single day during your week-long stay at a beach resort. Mojitos are refreshing but one too many might spoil it for you. And while it’s tempting to binge on crispy pata,  you very well know you can’t have it for breakfast, too.

2. Stick to a sleep schedule.

Your body clock goes out of whack when you don't get enough rest. Studies show that people who are tired are more likely to make poor lifestyle choices. Ever notice how you tend to resort to fast food when you’re dead tired?

3. Pick your poison.

Some people see vacation as one long stretch of "cheat days," which ideally, should not be the case. We know—it can be really hard to resist desserts especially when they’re laid out on a buffet. But stuffing your face with cheesecake, brownies, and ice cream after every meal may be pushing it. Maybe you can try the other dessert tomorrow, instead.

4. Keep a food diary.

Before you complain, think about it: a food diary will not only make you more mindful of what you put inside your body while on vacation; it’ll also be your journal during the trip, which can be used as a reference once you choose to blog about your vacation. Seeing liempodeep-fried chili chicken, crab fat rice, and other heart-stopping (literally!) dishes written too many times on your diary will also remind you of how much exercise you’ll need to burn all those calories off.

5. Eliminate toxins by drinking more water.

Increasing your daily water intake is a lifestyle choice you will never regret. It all begins by consciously incorporating the practice of hydration into your daily routine. Wilkins Pure can help provide the much-needed cleansing and detoxification your body needs. In fact, 10 330 ml bottles of Wilkins Pure a day lets you meet the daily recommended water intake—that’s 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women.

Your lifestyle choices leave a huge impact on your body, and your health—so make the right ones.

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