5 Unusual Activities to Try in Taiwan for Under P1,000

You can have this much fun without spending too much.

(SPOT.ph) If you have yet to visit Taiwan or if you want to explore it again, perhaps now would be a good time—this visa-free destination is rich in landmarks, street food, and culture. But aside from the usual tourist spots, there are other interesting yet extraordinary places that would make your trip more memorable. Here are five things you can try without going over your travel budget.


1. Visit a village of U.F.O.s.

Wanli U.F.O. Village

Wanli, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: Free

You may have heard of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the sky, but what if you actually saw them all in one place? Well, houses that look like them, at least. The abandoned, weirdly shaped homes were supposedly built to be a resort. But for some unknown reason, the plans were scrapped and now the area is just one creepy lookingand maybe even hauntedplace for curious tourists.  


2. Eat from a toilet.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: Menu items start at NT $110 (or roughly P190)

There are plenty of unique meals and street foods to discover in Taiwan, but the Modern Toilet Restaurant tops them all. The bathroom-themed diner has bathtubs as tables, urinals as glasses, and toilets as sinks, seats, and plates. It serves savory meals like hot pot and noodles in bowls that look like toilet bowls, as well as oddly-shaped chocolate ice cream.


3. Enter a church shaped like a high-heeled shoe.

High-Heel Wedding Church

Budai Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Price: Free

Taiwan is famous for its intricately designed temples but the High-Heel Wedding Church is something you haven’t seen before. The enormous structure is made from blue-tinted glass and looks like a church fit for Cinderella. Some say it was built to attract more women to go to church, while others say it was based on a legend about a girl who got sick. Either way, it’ll make for one interesting visit—and addition to your Instagram feed.


4. Go shrimping a.k.a. fishing for shrimp.


No. 471, Section 2, Zhishan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan

Price: Rates start at NT $350 (roughly P670)

You may have tried fishing in the sea or at a freshwater lake. But have you ever tried looking for shrimp? In Taiwan, shrimping is known to be a family activity, where members sit together around a huge pool of water and catch shrimp for hours on end. It’s already a fun activity in itself, but the best part is when you get to eat all of your catch for the day.


5. Sing karaoke for 24 hours.

Partyworld Sogo Store

No. 22, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

Price: Rates start at NT $400 (roughly P700)

If you thought karaoke in the Philippines was intense, wait til you visit one of the go-to KTV bars in Taiwan. Partyworld is open 24 hours daily, which means you can sing all you want at any time of the day. You won’t have to worry about your neighbors calling you out for singing (or attempting to sing) until three in the morning.

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