10 Private Islands You Can Rent on Airbnb

Fancy living your dream?

(SPOT.ph) We've all had that dream—to one day ship ourselves off to a faraway island where nothing (not even the awful news) can bother us. Unfortunately, despite our country having 7,000++ islands, we can't just plant our personal flag on an islet and live there forever. Hey, we can't even do that on the islands we actually own in the West Philippine Sea. (Shade!) 

For now, all we can do is rent an island through AirBnB. (Yes, there’s such a thing.) We round up a few that can make your Moana wishes come true if only for a few days.


Brother Island

El Nido, Palawan
Entire home/apartment • 12 guests • seven bedrooms • nine beds
P26,082 per night

You can rent Brother Island (a.k.a. Small Darocoton Island), located on the eastern seaboard of El Nido, for a minimum of two nights. That's fine, we'd stay there forever if we could. It has a whole house that can fit 12 people, and you'll be pampered and well-fed by the resident caretaker, housekeeper, helper, a cook who specializes in Filipino cuisine, and boatmen who can bring you to nearby islands. 

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Sundang Island

Cavinti, Laguna
Entire home/apartment • 15 guests • one bedroom • two beds
P3,367 per night

This secluded island, believe it or not, is just a three-hour drive from Manila. It has an 80-square meter bungalow with one bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a section of Lumot Lake for its backyard. After sundown, you can stoke fire in the dap-ay (a circle of stones surrounding a pit) at the center of the island and share stories (and bottles of beer) with friends.


Cagdanao Island (Listing is no longer available)

El Nido, Palawan
Entire home/apartment • two guests • two bedrooms • two beds
P13,569 per night 

Couples can go on a honeymoon getaway on this private island which can be rented for a minimum of three nights. Kuya Bengie is your very own housekeeper and personal chef who can climb coconut trees and make refreshing shakes every day.


Rock Island

Coron, Palawan
Shared room • 10 guests • two beds
P7,521 per night

With its location on a coral reef and amid towering cliffs, Rock Island is a good place for backpackers and adventure-seekers. You can climb, trek, snorkel, and swim all you want in this tropical paradise. The bungalow can fit up to 10 people but if you need to bring the whole barangay, you can just pitch tents by the shore. 

Bolina Island (Listing is no longer available)

Linapacan, Palawan
Private room • 16 guests • 10 bedrooms • one bed
P503 per night

This remote island is so far from civilization that you can run and scream naked on your own à la-Naked and Afraid (an American reality series). You can explore the caves in the area, take a photo by the ruins of a Spanish fortress, conquer your fears through cliff diving, and go snorkeling in the clear water. It’s also a good spot for kitesurfing. Come nighttime, you can rest inside the tent, and then wake up to the crashing of the waves in the morning.


Inaladelan Island (Listing is no longer available)

San Vicente, Palawan
Private room • two guests • one bedroom • two beds
P1,504 per night

Inaladelan Island (a.k.a. German Island) is about 20 minutes away from the mainland of Port Barton, San Vicente. For just P1,500++, you have boat transfers, full board meals, and tents with foam beds and pillows. Talk about private glamping!


Ginto Island

Linapacan, Palawan
Shared room • four guests • two beds
P2,513 per night

Ginto Island, one of the 24 unexplored and undiscovered islands in Linapacan, may beat El Nido and Coron if only for its unbeatable tranquility. There's a traditional kubo which has everything you need: beds, mosquito tents, pillows, towels, solar lamps and gas lamps, snorkeling gear, cooking pots, plates, and a grill. There's even pocket WiFi and a power bank if you just can't disconnect! 

Malendeg Island (Listing is no longer available)

San Vicente, Palawan
Entire home/apartment • eight guests • two bedrooms • two beds
P2,507 per night

Malendeg Island (a.k.a. Double Island) has a handful of cabanas on its sprawling property. But you don't have to worry about privacy because the accommodations are not too close to each other, which makes you feel as though you're alone on the island. Snorkeling and kayaking are just some of the activities you can do here.


Green Valley

Cavinti, Laguna
Entire home/apartment • 16 guests • one bedroom • two beds
P1,759 per night

Green Valley offers a great outdoor experience through the activities you can do on this island within a lake: swimming, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and cooking s'mores by the bonfire. You have the option of staying in a kubo with bunk beds or enjoying the outdoors through pitched tents. Pets are welcome on the island, too.


Big Bamboo Island (Listing is no longer available)

Culion, Palawan
Entire home/apartment • eight guests • five bedrooms • five beds
P76,210 per night

Bamboo Private Islands rents out two eco-friendly properties in Palawan: Big Bamboo and Small Bamboo. To guarantee stress-free getaways for guests, they offer all-in packages that include accommodations at deluxe bamboo huts, airport and boat transfers, and full board meals. You're also entitled to unlimited use of paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear to fully appreciate the 14-hectare reef surrounding the area.