Weekend Guide: What to Watch, Eat, Read + More

Join the Pokémon Virtual Fest and enjoy street food at home, because why not?


(SPOT.ph) We sure miss going out on weekends, on the lookout for new restaurants to try, discovering cool hangouts, and hanging out with our friends. But that doesn't mean that the fun times only happen outside our homes. Below, we round up some ideas so you could still have a blast indoors—and the good news is, your friends can join in the fun, virtually, too!

A few of our recommendations for a worthwhile weekend:

Learn how design plays a major role in our lives.

Ever had a fascination for how designers and artists go about their daily lives and what their creative process is? Abstract: The Art of Design puts the spotlight on designers from various disciplines ranging from architecture, footwear, graphic design, and more. Worth checking out is the episode featuring Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, whose design approach is  based on the philosophy "Yes is more." And yes, you can catch all episodes on YouTube for free!


See (sea)food, will eat.

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The long weekend is a cause for celebration, and if you feel like indulging in crabs (with lots of crab fat!) and other fresh bounty from the sea, look no further than The Murang Seafood Platter's sets. The name does not disappoint: The Mixed Seafood Platter, which has shrimps, mussels, and crabs (alimasag) cooked in their signature Cajun sauce—goes for P999 and is good for two people. You can order add-ons and extra sauces, too! 

Find your quarantine soundtrack from this fresh release.

Like most of us, the guys of OPM band Itchyworms also fell into the trap of nonstop binge-watching on streaming platforms in the early days of the quarantine. Eventually, they found themselves producing their fifth album, Waiting For The End To Start while in quarantine. Lead guitarist Chino Singson describes as an organic-sounding effort. "Hindi siya kasing produced ng iba nating album," he says in a roundtable interview with local press. We recommend listening to the melancholic "The Silence," which comes with a thought-provoking music video to boot. Pro tip: You can host a listening party via Spotify, so you can have a track-by-track session with your pals even from a distance.


Shop for a face mask inspired by your fave childhood treat.

PHOTO BY randolf clothing

Think you've already seen all the possible ways a face mask could look? Think again. Your favorite childhood candy, White Rabbit, is the inspiration for local brand Randolf Clothing's washable face mask. Dubbed as White Randolf (P1,500/set of two), the mask takes after the look of the popular White Rabbit candy. They each have a pocket so you can insert filters or tissues for an extra layer of protection.

Find inspiration in a real-life story about a woman who never gives up.

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with news from the U.S., you’d get plenty of motivation to keep going for what you want from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s story. From working through the predominantly male world of Harvard Law School in the ’50s to being told she couldn’t be hired because she was a woman and a mother, On the Basis of Sex follows RBG’s (played by Felicity Jones) awe-inspiring life as a wife (with Armie Hammer as her husband Martin Ginsburg), teacher, and equal rights advocate. You can watch it on HBO Go.


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Get to know a heritage house that has a story to tell.

PHOTO BY Alexis Santiago

We might not be able to do a lot of exploring outdoors yet, but there’s plenty to marvel at indoors—especially if you’re in a house that’s stood for over a century. Casa de Segunda was once a center of activity for hacienderos who had built their wealth from Batangas coffee beans, and this story will transport you to a fascinating time in Lipa’s history considered its Golden Age.

Eat some street food on your couch.

PHOTO BY Facebook/Avenida Pedestrian Delights

It’s usually the simple things you end up missing when you can’t have them, and a soothing cup of taho is one of those things. There’s something about watching manong magtataho expertly scoop the silky tofu into a cup, add sago (with an extra helping, of course), and top it all off with arnibal. But since we can’t have that just yet, how about ordering some street food and getting it delivered right to your doorstep? One online shop has taho, fishballs, and anything else your street food-loving heart might be yearning for right now.

Get comfy in PJs.

ILLUSTRATION warren espejo

Spending most of your days in pajamas lately? We feel you. We’re doing the same, which is why we went on the hunt for PJs you can wear all day—besides looking good enough to attend Zoom meetings in. Take a look at these online shops that sell some of the best-looking pajama sets we could find.


Try milk that doesn't have dairy.


There's banana-flavored milk, Korean café-inspired strawberry milk, but how about trying a creamy, milk-like drink that's made of nuts and water? Local brand NutMilk Bar offers Almond Milk (P280/500 ml sweetened, P265/500 ml unsweetened), a slightly toastier, nuttier-tasting drink that goes well with coffee; and Cashew Milk (P270/500 ml sweetened, P255/500 ml unsweetened), a smooth, sweet beverage that you can also use on your cereal or smoothies. You can place an order today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Catch ’em all…from home.

PHOTO BY Pokemon via TimeOut

What better way to beat boredom than by hanging out with Pikachu? The Pokémon Virtual Fest is online just until the end of the month, so you still have time to try online games like figuring your way out of a maze, solving mysteries, or getting out of an escape room. Or why not just hang out with friends in the virtual theme park? You can customize your own avatars…or make it twice as fun by designing each other’s. *wink*

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