These Must-See Spots in Antipolo Will Make Your Travel Photos Stand Out

Put your travel photography skills to the test.

( All social media-savvy and serious travelers need the following: an itinerary, a travel buddy, and a reliable camera phone with advanced features. These days, a serious case of wanderlust is coupled with the need to document every moment and—in the age of social media—share it online.

You don’t have to board a plane or hop into a boat to find a place where you can create memories. There are plenty of easily accessible spots near the Metro that should only be a few hours’ drive away over the weekend. Down south there’s Laguna; up North there’s Pampanga; and in the nearby East is Antipolo, which, although already a city, hasn’t lost one bit of its laid-back, rustic charm.

Travel junkies photograph similar things: the places they visit, the people they meet, the food they consume, and of course, themselves; it’s never easy to resist the urge to take a selfie when a crucial moment might just pass you by.

Watch the video below and see how the OPPO Find X captures IG-worthy scenes and moments with its advanced features, creating professional quality images that will make your feed stand out.

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