You'll Enjoy These Date Ideas Regardless of Your Relationship Status

Single? In a relationship? It’s complicated? Doesn’t matter.

( By now, you’ve probably exhausted yourself trying to think of new ways to make Valentine’s Day extra-special this year. And we can’t blame you—the last thing anyone wants is to be unoriginal and give the usual flowers and chocolates! Shake up your V-Day routine by trying any of these fun date ideas that you and your S.O. or friends can enjoy.



1. Go glamping.

Get ready to cuddle under the stars, because glamping is the easiest way to experience the great outdoors without actually having to rough it up. There are now plenty of glamping spots that allow you and your special someone or your squad to take in nature while enjoying all the comfort and amenities of your favorite hotel.


2. Cook dinner for each other.

Are you a couple that loves to eat? Skip the restaurant reservations and whip each other’s favorite meal instead. Bonus: Put together a playlist of all the romantic songs that remind you of each other. Aww! And if you don't have a special someone yet, might as well enjoy an amazing dinner with your friends—it can be a potluck or you cook your own specialty dish.



3. Visit a museum.

Why settle for dinner and a movie when you can gaze at amazing artwork? Not only will you have some amazing photos for your IG feed, you’ll also have all these special memories—and maybe even a new interest—together. Even if you’re single, don’t scrap this idea because you and your friends will definitely enjoy a day appreciating the works of great local artists. FYI: Admission to the Philippine National Museum is free!


4. Have a spa day.

Skip the long lines at the mall and stay in with your special someone. Buy your favorite Korean sheet masks or book a massage at home. Either way, you’re both in for a day of rest and relaxation! No S.O.? Get your friends together for a day of pampering you all deserve.



5. Check out the SMFB Sweeeet Couch.

If you’re really determined to go out on Valentine’s Day, make a beeline for San Miguel Flavored Beer’s couch installation at UP Town Center from February 9 to 10. Invite your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends, and take some photos and show just how cute you can get to win a special SMFB premium item. Plus, Yassi Pressman will be there on February 10 to hype you and the bae up even more!


Whether you’re single or taken, you’ll never run out of fun things to do this love month. Tag your special someone or your friends along, and enjoy the positive vibes this season brings. And don’t forget to pop a bottle or two of San Miguel Flavored Beer to savor the sweet moment.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with San Miguel Flavored Beer.
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